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a bombing run in which the bomber releases the bomb while flying straight toward the target

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Smaller birds had been dive-bombing the eagle, driving it into taller grass along the field's edge.
THEY'RE the beady-eyed delinquents that once terrorised a town's magistrates with their alarming dive-bombing antics.
Is there any way he can stop the situation from dive-bombing into tragedy?
The idea certainly isn't pie in the sky, as the U.S Army already has a 'kamikaze' robotic drone called Switchblade, which quietly hovers before dive-bombing and blowing up a target.
He was buried up to his neck on Margate beach, only to suffer dive-bombing seagulls trying to peck his eyes out.
They in actual fact were not dive-bombing him, as like the majority of birds, they possess excellent eyesight.
They have been dive-bombing congregations during funeral services and the dead bugs litter the chapel floor and pews.
This competitive singing settles many challenges without birds' resorting to pecking and dive-bombing each other.
A buzzard which attacked more than 20 cyclists on a country road has died after dive-bombing a van.
She was only able to offer brief congrats and coyly asked the boys, "Do you like my coat?" before dive-bombing photographers drove her out of the building.
Unable to execute a true dive-bombing attack with his Vindicator, Fleming began a glide bombing run out of the sun from an altitude of 4,000 feet, setting his sights on Mikuma.
The battery-powered bird is so lifelike, council officials in Fraserburgh hope it will get rid of aggressive gulls which are dive-bombing passers-by.
The first kamikaze dive-bombing unit was established in October 1944 and was created to attack an Allied fleet east of the Philippines, and later against U.S.
In fact, Navy jets were poised to start dive-bombing the Santa Lucia Mountains with dummy bombs -- for six hours a day -- until the plan came to the attention of the 30 Benedictine monks at the New Camaldoli Hermitage.