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bomb from a diving airplane

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| The moment Graham Hyde was dive-bombed in the pool at the Alegria Pineda Splash Hotel in Barcelona PICTURES: SLATER AND GORDON
He had to duck and beat a hasty retreat as the shrieking birds with four-foot wingspans repeatedly dive-bombed him.
US JETS dive-bombed Taliban positions north of the Afghan capital today, eluding at least one missile, and warplanes pounded Kabul in the strongest attack on the city in days.
On another day I hike with Fraser past dozens of burbling elephant seals and climb hundreds of feet up the granite and basalt boulders of Norsel Point, where we're dive-bombed by gull-like Skuas.
Laura Morgan, 32, needed hospital treatment last week after a seagull dive-bombed her and tore her lip as she took a bite of her McDonald's in Clacton, Essex.
The First Leader is expected to say at a lecture tonight: "We were love-bombed from a distance by David Cameron, then dive-bombed at close range by George Osborne.
John Ibbotson, of consultants Retail Vision, added: "After a decent Christmas period, Tesco UK dive-bombed during the first quarter."
Interestingly, at Riley Base 2 in the Isle of Man, there is talk of culling seagulls, where picnickers and seashore cafe customers are being relentlessly dive-bombed by birds snatching their food.
The mother bird dive-bombed me and my neighbours or the postman.
They dive-bombed us and came at us from all directions.
Already this year, people in the city have experienced being dive-bombed by the birds as they protect their young.
Our headquarters ship was an old converted paddle steamer and two German planes dive-bombed her.
They include one from 80-year-old Eileen Gill, who tells me she's afraid to go outside her own door in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, because she is dive-bombed constantly by the winged vermin which seem to like nothing more than brushing the top of her newly-set hair.
A HOTELIER who shot seagulls which dive-bombed workmen repairing his roof says he has received threats.
Bird Drop-Ins: Scientists are baffled after a flock of around 100 blackbirds went berserk in Idaho and dive-bombed through the window of a suburban home.