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bomb from a diving airplane

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The new giant gulls don't harass or dive-bomb people even if they have chicks or nests nearby, and eat the eggs of the smaller birds that do.
The colony rises as one to dive-bomb the intruder until it goes.
In the Top Bombing advert, two divers show off their skills from the high board then Kay does a flying dive-bomb which soaks the judges but wins top marks.
American, the world's busiest airline, was feeling the pinch of the looming US recession even before the terrorist dive-bomb attacks on the US.
Next day at the pool, the tourists echoed Beck's sentiments, making me pine for a drunk Asbo-dad in an England shirt to dive-bomb them.
TWO seabirds tuck into a tasty fish supper - as they dive-bomb a massive shoal of sardines.
Lisa Dixon is seeking more than PS12,000 after allegedly being "dive-bombed" at the resort near her home in Celebration, Florida.
THE moment an out-ofcontrol marketing balloon 'dive-bombs' Waterloo has been caught on camera ...
"They have already dive-bombed a couple of judges," he said.
Myleene, 35, even leaped into the sea off Cancun, Mexico, holding Ava's hand as they dive-bombed off the side of the boat together.
"He dive-bombed down the side of the bunch and got me into the perfect position.
DIVE-BOMBED the Jewellery Quarter is suffering from a plague of seagulls; COUN CARL RICE
The 2ft tall birds are raising a brood of young chicks and have dive-bombed walkers passing close to the nest site.
Up to 40,000 gulls live on British rooftops and at least one person has died after being dive-bombed.