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  • adj

Synonyms for diurnal



  • daytime
  • active during the day
  • non-nocturnal

Antonyms for diurnal

of or belonging to or active during the day

having a daily cycle or occurring every day

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The non-aerated and diurnally aerated tanks showed concentrations of D[O.sub.2] below 4 mg [L.sup.-1] from 2000 to 0800.
Notably, activation of ERK (another kinase diurnally regulated in the hippocampus [18]) has also been shown to play a critical role in induction of early LTP [123] and for the maintenance of L-LTP.
This minimized the number of footprints from diurnally active skinks which would otherwise be so dense as to obscure all other footprints.
Emissions originating from frond materials would be temporally stable but root respiration rates are known to vary diurnally (Huck et al.
The CWSI varied diurnally with peaks appeared at noon, and soil water deficit led to higher CWSI values during noon.
Many species are polydomous with a small to moderate worker force of less than 500 individuals that forage diurnally (Fisher and Cover, 2007).
The number of wild fish detected peaked during daylight hours, indicating that the fish were diurnally active.
Some are under circadian control (Hoadley et al., 2011; Levy et al., 2011) and others fluctuate diurnally because they are light-induced (Levy et al., 2007; Hoadley et al., 2011; Levy et al., 2011).
Diurnally variation of ambient temperature around 24 ou 28[degrees]: Influense on performance and feeding behavior of growing pigs.
Even the Christian ambulant vendors of fish, vegetables and ice cream who diurnally traveled from Iligan to Marawi were not spared.
"It can also be manually adjusted and automatically operated in a diurnally controlled light cycle when selected by the user." In addition, a master OFF control provides rapid room darkening.
I observed cottonmouths diurnally (median start time = 1230h) in spring (N = 8 surveys) and fall (N = 11 surveys) from 20112014.
For diurnally active artificial-container breeders, such as Aedes aegypti (L.) and Ae.
are both diurnally and nocturnally active, and have the ability to remain active at temperatures below 10[degrees]C.
About twice as large as our American mink, chunkier and noticeably redder, they swam visibly, diurnally hunting for seabirds, eggs and shellfish.