diurnal variation

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fluctuations that occur during each day

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[9] Malipatil BS et al, also observed that there is increased total leucocyte count and granulocyte count in proliferative phase as compared to menstrual and secretory phase in the aged group of 18-23 years but was not statistically significant due to increase in 17 beta Estradiol and also he reported that during menstrual cycle differences in granulocyte, agranulocyte, total leucocyte count are influenced by the diurnal variations as well as monthly hormonal level & needs further examination.
In winter seasons, the intra-monthly variation is more dominant in two cities, however, the diurnal variation of wind speed in Austin seems stronger than that in New York.
The diurnal variation of these parameters was not significant (Table 3).
Moreover, we aimed to compare SF and serum levels of this biomarker considering age, sex, severity of disease and diurnal variation. In addition, we aimed to correlate SF and serum COMP levels with diurnal variation, particularly within primary KOA patients.
The active measurements were done for a period of five days in every house to study the diurnal variation. Plot of the diurnal variation is as given in Figure 6.
Figure 3 shows the diurnal variation in the ensemble half-hourly means of [R.sub.n], LE, H, and G during each period at the study site.
Figure 2 gives the diurnal variation of melatonin by patients for both days (individual melatonin profiles).
The diurnal variation of temperature presented the similar magnitude and amplitude after day 8 (Table 4), which also may indicate a timing at which the transient stage was over.
This pattern parallels the reported diurnal variation in blood pressure [57], which is higher in the morning, and higher blood pressure is accepted as a risk factor for stroke.
Assessment of the diurnal variation in central corneal thickness and intraocular pressure for patients with suspected glaucoma.
In younger men, there is marked diurnal variation in testosterone levels, with the highest levels occurring in early morning upon awakening.
Recently, redox regulation and/or oxidative stress has been reported to have diurnal variation, and the circadian rhythms of oxidative stress markers and antioxidant enzymes have been examined in healthy subjects and patients with neurological disorders [13].