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  • adj

Synonyms for diurnal



  • daytime
  • active during the day
  • non-nocturnal

Antonyms for diurnal

of or belonging to or active during the day

having a daily cycle or occurring every day

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This effect can be explained by reduced renal clearance in people with CKD, leading to accumulation of cystatin C, and consequent reduction in its diurnal rhythm (38).
The improvement was also greater in the intervention group for five of the seven BEHAVE-AD subscale scores: activity disturbances, diurnal rhythm disturbances, aggressiveness, affective disturbances, and anxiety and fear.
A., Arbisi, P A., Spoont, M., Behavioral engagement level, variability, and diurnal rhythm as a function of bright light in bipolar II seasonal affective disorder: an exploratory study, Psychiatry Res., 1992; 43:147-160
The SAA(+) group showed significantly greater global cognitive dysfunction and higher scores on the items of paranoid and delusional ideation, hallucinations, and diurnal rhythm disturbances.
Vazquez et al., "Expression of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor a gene is stimulated by stress and follows a diurnal rhythm," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
To explain the diurnal rhythm of aerobic performances, previous studies have investigated the daily variations in physiological responses to laboratory-based exercise protocols.
Glycemia and insulinemia have a distinct diurnal rhythm unrelated to blood glucose concentration and insulin secretion.
Diurnal rhythm of the fulmar Fulmarus glacialis in the Arctic summer.
In other leafhopper and insect species, the diurnal rhythm of egg hatch likely depends on temperature, with lower temperatures causing a more equal distribution of emergence over time.
Patients with more severe head trauma exhibit a clearly disrupted pattern of melatonin secretion, whereas those with less severe trauma preserve a relatively intact diurnal rhythm. Furthermore, the diurnal secretion pattern of melatonin appeared to be dissociated from the circadian rhythm of core body temperature.
the more humane passion for pure and disinterested reading." What to Woolf is a matter of taxonomy, however, for Mangnel is a question of diurnal rhythm. "During the day," he writes, "the concentration and system tempt me; at night I can read with a lightheartedness verging on insouciance." When night falls, amid pools of lamplight and glittering books his library in France seems to float like a ship on the sea; it becomes "a universe of self-serving rules that pretend to replace or translate those of the shapeless universe beyond."
In addition to the progressive age-related decline in testosterone concentrations, the diurnal rhythm of testosterone secretion also wanes with age.
The patient is asked questions covering behaviors over the last 2 weeks in seven domains: paranoid and delusional ideation, hallucinations, activity disturbances, aggressiveness, diurnal rhythm disturbances, affective disturbances, and anxieties and phobias.