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Synonyms for diurnal



  • daytime
  • active during the day
  • non-nocturnal

Antonyms for diurnal

of or belonging to or active during the day

having a daily cycle or occurring every day

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Nile grass rats were chosen as the test subjects for the research because they, like humans, are diurnal.
He presented unpublished results from one aspect of the trial: a cross-sectional analysis of 273 nurses divided into one of three groups: 64 diurnal workers (DW), 111 active night shift workers (aNW), and 98 prior night shift workers (pNW).
The processing starts by creating joint histograms for every hour with a 100-m vertical resolution to capture both the diurnal variability of clouds and their fine vertical structures.
We were very surprised to find such close correlation between the disappearance of dinosaurs and the beginning of diurnal activity in mammals, but we unanimously found the same result using several alternative analyses," explained Maor, who is also at UCL.
2014; Chai & Wilgers, 2015), however, we have found no study on the effect of diurnal rainfall on the nocturnal activity of spiders.
2013) found that diurnal temperature range had a significant effect on the agronomic characters of fiber flax.
Diurnal submitted a Pediatric Use Marketing Authorization (PUMA) application for Infacort to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in late 2016.
Whether the diurnal rhythm of hs-cTnT extends beyond male patients with type 2 diabetes and whether hs-cTnT and hs-cTnI are equally affected is unknown.
The mean levels of forced vital capacity (FVC) predicted %; forced expiratory flow in first Second (FEV1) predicted %; FEV1/FVC, Maximal Midexpiratory Flow Rate (MMEF) predicted %; and the diurnal variabilities of Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) rates in weekends and working days were compared.
Inclusion criteria for PXG patients (Group A) was age between 20-65 years, untreated IOP more than 22 mmHg on at least two diurnal curves, open anterior chamber angle, glaucomatous optic disc, at least three Humphrey visual field tests with glaucomatous defects and presence of typical pseudoexfoliative material at the anterior lens capsule and/or at the pupillary margin.
Diurnal on optimising drug delivery systems to mimic the human circadian rhythm
The diurnal amplitude in pressure is stronger than measured during past missions.
Diurnal, which is based in Cardiff's Medicentre, expects to be admitted to London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) on Christmas Eve.