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a short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung)

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Despite her guilty conscience, Ditty is irresistibly drawn, borrows books on ballet from the public library (the school library is strictly censored), and practises the exercises locked in the bathroom at night.
Despite being voted as one of the top 100 Worst Pop Songs ever, the ditty reached number 12 in the charts - and could now be covered by Mercury Music award winners Klaxons.
It's a little ditty which was inspired from a quote by the president of Czechoslovakia in 1968 during the uprising that became known as the Prague Spring!
Turner, a favorite among fans of urban literature, is the author of A Hustler's Wife and A Project Chick (both Triple Crown), Tales From Da Hood (One World/Ballantine, January 2006) and Riding Ditty on I-95 (One World/Ballantine, May 2006).
Jot stuff in a journal, pen a little ditty, blow your English composition teacher away with the best A+-worthy essay on Shakespearean theory ever.
"If it is possible to concentrate the metals in a few big clusters, in principle, one can make good solar cells out of ditty starting material."
Though a duo, the Los Angeles-based Ditty Bops were joined by a pile of guest musicians for the Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Suzanne Vega) produced album.
Midnight Lady - a lazily-strummed acoustic ditty - was highlighted by an epic-sounding backing track you would associate with Bjork.
Visiting with customers is one of the reasons Ditty Vella loves running her tiny cheese boutique, the Cheese-maker's Daughter.
She lives up to the calling of the New Historicism by doing the ditty archival work some of its proponents are unwilling to do.
They're different animals." This once again put into the spotlight the rough--around--the--edges spontaneity of films like Reeves's own 1:1 and Woloshen's Ditty Dot Comma and Bru Ha Ha!, as well as the simple, but mesmerizing digital motifs of Adrian Lokman's play of light and shadow in Barcode.
Before they succumbed to republican pressure and adopted Flower of Scotland, the Scottish Football Association played wee Cliff's song, and I always thought it no better than a music-hall ditty.
Copyright-protected DNA "music" would allow biotech companies to sell revealed gene sequences to other companies in the form of digital MP3-like files, along with a program that would translate the ditty back into DNA coding.
NEW YORK-Judith Leiber, well known in society circles for her small ornamental handbags, has moved to decorate the table with a new silver collection called Objets Ditty Peto.
Any attempts we make to exclude ourselves from it, valiant though they be, bring to mind the little ditty from Sesame Street: "Can't go over it, can't go under it, can't go around it, gotta go through it."