ditch digger

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a laborer who digs ditches


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The Cowles' world was a far cry from Des Moines, where Harrison would still go home every summer to work as a ditch digger.
Concluding that a ditch digger used all of physical functions equally, the California officials determined that a 39-year-old ditch digger would be standard against which others would be measured.
An Irish immigrant who never finished grade school, he started out as a ditch digger for the Los Angeles Water System in 1878 and, teaching himself hydraulic engineering en route, worked his way up to superintendent by 1886.
it is justified to pay the high-IQ businessman and engineer more than the low-IQ ditch digger, producing income inequality, because that's the only way to make the economy grow and produce more wealth in which the ditch digger can share.
He first worked at various jobs including coal miner, ditch digger, professional boxer, among others, before discovering acting at the Long Beach Theater Guild in 1942.
I can't say I've ever sat down with the classified ads looking for a job, but I have worked as a ditch digger, a bartender, a handyman and a fisherman," he said.
He was the 1990 recipient of NUCA's prestigious Ditch Digger of the Year Await and was inducted into the NUCA Hall of Fame in 1996.
Godazi, who always asks about the old woman's health), the engineer engages in metaphysical conversations with an unseen ditch digger.
I'm grateful and honored by the confidence my community has shown in me, my company and this project," said Bob Congel, 65, who began his career as a ditch digger in Syracuse.
A teacher, soccer coach and ditch digger in an earlier incarnation, Sting pursued his love of music through a jazz rock outfit Last Exit.
The one fact that does not seem to be apparent is that the vast sums of money required to sate our gluttonous public establishments must come from the private sector: from the hamburger flipper, from the dentist, from the mechanic, from the entrepreneur, from the carpenter, from the ditch digger, from the producers who generate the wealth of America.
If they've put him together correctly, kids are awarded a certificate elevating them from a one-star Ditch Digger to a four-star Dino Finder.
A milkman's son from Wallsend, Sting was a teacher, football coach and ditch digger before he turned to music.
His first job was a ditch digger but after a spell at Warwick University, he became a teacher.
Based on a true story, it tells of an African-American man who - you guessed it - worked as a ditch digger and pushed for his six daughters to all become doctors.