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evergreen tree of eastern Asia and Philippines having large leathery leaves and small green-white flowers in compact cymes

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Dita has shaped our lives in so many ways and she was the inspiration behind our dog walking business.
Also involved are representatives from other SAP groups who are running pilot tests to evaluate the IXIASOFT DITA CMS environment for their own stakeholders.
In the past Dita has revealed that she doesn't feel objectified when on stage.
Dita removes her corset and bra and is topless while Thierry marvels at her assets.
Dita is survived by her devoted children, Maureen F.
With her captivating curves and raunchy dances, Dita has carved out a reputation as a woman who is not shy of flaunting what she's got.
IBM actually gave the intellectual property rights for the DITA standard to the leading XML standards organization, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems (OASIS).
At a luncheon during the latter conference, Frank Gilbane discussed the 20-year history of mark-up language, from SGML through XML and its DTD tags to the latest generation of DITA applications.
Dita Von Teese says she was shocked by the teenage royal's Nazi fancy dress outfit - despite her relationship with outrageous goth Manson.
Dita Scurlock, who has type II diabetes, comments on her first cruise, arranged by S E Unlimited:
AMOS OZ'S NEW NOVEL concerns a widower tax accountant named Albert Danon and the people with whom he interacts -- primarily his deceased wife Nadia (through flashbacks and the imagination), his son Rico, who is climbing mountains in Tibet and working as a night watchman for a fishery company, and Rico's girlfriend, the screenwriter and hotel clerk Dita Inbar.
Labor activist Dita Indah Sari, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD), on Monday walked to her freedom from the Tangerang Women's Penitentiary Institution, in the suburbs of Jakarta.
She plays Holly wood director Dita Tommey, who's shooting a film starring lovely Athena Aquitane (Daryl Hannah).
Localization Leader to 'Dish Out' DITA Strategies at San Diego Conference
DITA Von Teese has revealed she refuses to wear tracksuit bottoms.