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having or characterized by or consisting of two syllables

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3) According to her study, an Estonian tetrasyllabic word is divided into two disyllabic units that are similar to a disyllabic word (Lehiste 1968:301).
3a ahema yajnam pathaam uranah from my count because the second vowel in the disyllabic gen.
it explains hyperallomorphy, since the * qali/kali- affix lengthened disyllabic bases into canonically distinctive quadrisyllabic words; as a result, the phonemic content of the affix was less important than the number of syllables it contained, and consequently was free to vary.
In Athpahariya, the sequence of CVCV, CVCCV, CVCVC and CVCCVC constitutes disyllabic pattern.
Except for Campbell, who argues against using conjunctions disyllabic or longer, all follow Locke's analysis that they show the mind's work in linking ideas and sentences clearly and felicitously (54-59).
For decades, that bouncy disyllabic signified two things: a man who was one of the most engaging presences in the New York musical world--composer, theorist, teacher (at Princeton and Juilliard); connoisseur of popular song from the golden age; lecturer possessing formidable erudition, wit, and improvisatory prowess; faithful supporter at his friends' and students' concerts--and a prodigious body of work that went back to the years immediately after World War II and guaranteed its author a leading place among those remembered for remaking music at that time.
WUSHU -- suddenly this disyllabic word became a new point of interest after two CRPF personnel Sandhyarani Devi Wankhem and Bimoljit Singh returned home with silver and bronze medals respectively from the Guangzhou Asian Games.
A combination of metrical and melodic pressures, moreover, favours the disyllabic 'Lammie', which provides a partial rhyme with Annie', over the monosyllabic alternative, and the maker of the ballad can easily be granted the poetic licence to call the character Lammie even if he were properly known as Lamb.
It consists of a loud chiming series of 5-7 evenly paced notes, descending in pitch, with the first note more disyllabic, ringing and prolonged than subsequent notes (n = 11 calls, from 3 bouts of calling by 2 individuals; Table 2, Fig.
Almost all other Turkic languages in which this word is disyllabic have a high vowel in the second syllable (e.
Call - Song is rich descending warble with a flourish at the end, and call is a disyllabic 'hoo-eet'.
A correlation between Fenton and Falstaff (aside from the alliterative, disyllabic similarity of their names) is made evident through Page's objection to the young man on the grounds that "he kept company with the wild Prince and Poins" (3.
New Yawk Tawk also features a diphthongal /aw/ sound that in heavy Nooyawkese sounds almost disyllabic.
80) The use of "Babel" rather than "Babylon" in several translations of Psalm 137 (the Countess of Pembroke's quoted above, Edwin Sandys', and Wither's, for example) may echo the early "history" of the city in Genesis 11, though the disyllabic name may sometimes also just be a metrical convenience.
But irregular length of line is certainly characteristic of C rather than A or B, and so are disyllabic pronunciations of words ending in a sonant: the scansion of C implies amal, llether, lleidir for standard aml, llethr, lleidr.