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Synonyms for disunity

Synonyms for disunity

the condition of being divided, as in opinion

Words related to disunity

lack of unity (usually resulting from dissension)

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The daily quoted local sources as saying that Sabri's command in Yarmouk came after growing disunity among terrorists as ISIL has now two different organizations in Southern Damascus, adding that one of the organizations in under the command of Abu Hashem al-Khabouri deployed in Hajar al-Aswad South of Yarmouk, whose fighters are mainly from Hajar al-Aswad.
The volume is impressively coherent for an essay collection and thus convincingly achieves what Jones claims as its purpose in his cogent and useful (especially historiographically) introduction: to reinforce through several case studies the master narrative that "the disunity of the Right was every bit as important as a prerequisite for the establishment of the Third Reich as the schism on the socialist Left or the fragmentation of the political middle" (2).
Ethnic rivalry has been one important fissure of disunity, alongside religious and other ideological differences.
What is deeply and painfully saddening, however, is the division and disunity currently characterizing Arab relations.
At a time when regional governments have been warned by the IMF they could face a $175bn hole in their fiscal surpluses from falling oil prices, putting new pressure on policymakers to reduce spending plans, alongside rising populations and escalating unemployment, further disunity is just what the GCC does not need.
He stressed the necessity of the unity of the national rank for confronting the challenges and to save the country and the people the danger of disunity and separation.
It is heart-breaking to watch our World entering a phase full of hatred, skirmishes and disunity.
The one thing I will say is that never in my lifetime have I experienced more hatred and disunity in Scotland as there is just now.
The reconciliation came after years of disunity and fracture between the two.
He said that the country cannot afford any disunity at this crucial time.
The Zionist regime had benefitted a lot from their disunity.
A resolution issued at the end of the conference stressed that in a context of worldwide suffering caused by conflicts rooted in ignorance, xenophobia, disunity, greed and poverty, the participants had sought to present the theme of hospitality as a universal cultural value that encourages openness to everyone.
The Premier pointed out the importance of reaching out to people on all occasions, stressing the need to preserve a long-standing habit to further strengthen social cohesion and protect society from attempts to sow disunity.
ERIN KENNEDY'S letter on p3 of the October 2013 issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand ("Christian hymn tramples mana") speaks of division and disunity, instead of embracing others' beliefs and differences.
The recent appearance of disunity as the councils considered the plans will certainly not have done the region any good in the eyes of the powers that be in Whitehall.