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Synonyms for disunity

Synonyms for disunity

the condition of being divided, as in opinion

Words related to disunity

lack of unity (usually resulting from dissension)

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Having multiple religious sects and using religious pretexts to achieve political ambitions contributes to the nation's disunity," he said.
This will prevent the Jewish state from singling out Arab countries and taking them one at a time to take advantage of their weakness and disunity, he argued.
He told Lord Hattersley in a Sunday news-paper"I decided it was better to step aside than contribute to the disunity.
The five defendants, whose next hearing will be on October 25, said in the letter that they would no longer call for disunity and would abide by the law.
Mennonites, and in the North their spiritual kin the Amish, were opposed to slavery, opposed to political disunity, and most fervently opposed to violence.
He said the Anglican province of Southern Africa, of which Mozambique is part, is ready "to play any role that the Anglican Church of Canada feels we should play in order to bring a healing" to the disunity in the Anglican Communion.
It is a human weakness to fall into disunity, not just in marriage but in every part of life.
Mr Bannatyne, aged 52, was reviewing his donations in the light of international affairs and Cabinet disunity.
In the nineteenth-century, Palestinian Christians also suffered the blows of disunity and fragmentation when European missionaries descended on Palestine and succeeded in winning members of ancient Middle Eastern churches to European Protestanism.
The Eastern Orthodox perceive this development as a sign of the disunity and unholiness of the Latin Church.
There is also the problem of disunity, as 1:27, 2:1-4 and 4:2-4 make clear.
Common voices lifted in song can forge a unity of spirit from diversity and disunity.
He will claim: "The days of disunity, factions, wings within groups, parties within parties are over.
The second lesson of Cohn's study then is that the effectiveness of strike strategies in forcing wage concessions from management is dependent on the unity or disunity of the labor force.
Winchell's book charts Walker's movement from suicidal disunity to optimistic integration.