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Synonyms for disunion

the condition of being divided, as in opinion

Antonyms for disunion

the termination or destruction of union

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Other Chinese propaganda tactics, such as Benefit Appeal, Steadfastness, Benevolence, Concealment, Agitation, Threat, Disunion, and Showing Weakness, are uniquely addressed by Chinese military philosophers in that they present the uniqueness of the Chinese ideological system.
The entry of a socialist organization into the field of welfare services for soldiers promised greater disunion and the threat that soldiers, far from being improved as citizens, would be exposed to political ideas out of line with Baker's and Fosdick's vision of a clean and moral military.
The model with symmetric countries implies that monetary union together with fiscal disunion is suboptimal, as it leads to excessive borrowing.
Human beings, because they have committed sins, have been involved in discord, quarrels, and disunion.
We have witnessed attempts for an artificial disunion of society.
Chapters Six and Seven continue the assertion that excessive technology leads to a disunion of the human race and a watering down of what it means to be a human being.
26) In this speech, Clay predicted disunion if the abolitionists were to unite the free states.
Indeed, talk of disunion was tempered only by amusement at the federal government's inept prosecution of the war (see Adams 1877).
Northerners and Southerners could still work together, David urged, slavery would end peacefully given time, and disunion would spawn "wars of a hundred generations in America.
The unity of purpose displayed in the jail-break became disunion as these men came to fall on opposite sides of the 1922-23 Irish Civil War.
In writing about Benjamin's resignation from the Senate, Butler cast Benjamin as a closeted secessionist, concluding that although "known as a secessionist man, Benjamin did not stump the state making threats of disunion, in case of Lincoln's election.
Freehling's Road to Disunion, Nicole Etchinson's Bleeding Kansas: Contested Liberty in the Civil War Era, and David Grimsted's American Mobbing, 1828-1861 form but a small example of an impressive list of writers whose arguments help refine this study.
A profound spiritual and moral disunion has spread throughout the western world.
The Bridges have decided that disunion is in the best interest of their collective futures," a statement from the actor says, according to (http://www.
In May 2009, I quoted a contemporary advocate of disunion, Kirkpatrick Sale, in my weekly column for the Charleston City Paper: "Of course, it is true that the particular secession of 1861-65 did not succeed, but that didn't make it illegal or even unwise.