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Synonyms for disunion

the condition of being divided, as in opinion

Antonyms for disunion

the termination or destruction of union

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The post Amid a state of disunion we should try again appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
McMahon explores concepts of loyalty, union, and disunion in Georgia by looking at the life of US Supreme Court Justice James Moore Wayne (1790-1867), who retained his seat on the Supreme Court when Georgia seceded from the Union in 1861 and through the Civil War.
In the 1850s he became a staunch defender of southern slavery, United States expansionism into the Caribbean Basin, and ultimately the Confederacy's war of disunion.
As a coercive government continues its threats and a tribe faces possible disunion, will the Kasaray Duma still find within them their innate knowledge and power as the descendants of the storm?
This economic bond of union between the two cities tended to tamp down disunion rhetoric and, in fact, helped to create the Free Soil and Republican parties in this region.
Harlow Giles Unger's main argument concerning Washington is clear: "Fearing anarchy, disunion, and an end to American freedom if he failed to act decisively, he transformed himself--and the presidency--from a relatively impotent figurehead into America's most powerful leader, creating what modern scholars have called the 'imperial presidency'" (3).
That court granted the couple their same-sex disunion.
Disunion was the policy of the proslavery "bad guys," and so it is hard to understand how the nation's most prominent opponent of slavery supported dissolving the Union.
The images of the projections made at a 12 cm distance, show a great difference between both atmospheres, because for the neutral flame the disunion between splats and porosity is observed in much of the coating layer, besides of horizontal cracks or disunion between the splats, this due to the elevated projection temperature, because for shorter distances there is more heating (Restrepo, et al.
The disunion of the Soviet Union was a paradigm shift in international politics.
The cabal would be defeated, and Washington would march the army out of Valley Forge, and three long years later Charles Cornwallis would surrender the British army at Yorktown--but as Lafayette's letter illustrates, disunion was as dangerous an enemy as the Redcoats.
This appears to demand a discrimination, a disconnection, a disunion between cost and value" (67).
Shade inspects Buchanan and Northern opinion on disunion from December 1860 to March 1861 and finds that Buchanan did not differ from members of his party.
All Mid face fractures should be corrected before three weeks as after that permanent disunion occur and it may not be possible to correct them properly.
By the time that the National and American Woman Suffrage Associations agreed to unify in 1890 as the National American Woman Suffrage Association, the "memory work done by the myth of Seneca Falls" made the decades of disunion fall away and unification seem like "re-unification" (p.