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Synonyms for disturbance

Synonyms for disturbance

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a change in normal place or position

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for disturbance

activity that is a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption

an unhappy and worried mental state

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a noisy fight

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A tropical disturbance that has formed in the Caribbean could become a tropical storm as it moves closer to the Florida coast.
Trains running through Purley are at risk of being cancelled or delayed due to "passengers causing a disturbance".
Key Words: Breast cancer, Hypoitaminosis D, Sleep Disturbance, Women
"Add sleep disturbance to their already stressful situation and you double the stressor.
IANS | New York Sleep disturbance among people grieving the recent loss of a spouse may put them at increased risk for cardiovascular illness and death, a study has warned.
The Department of the Army last revised the publication guiding the use of nonlethal weapons (NLW) and civil disturbance in 2014, which makes it the most up-to-date civil disturbance publication among Service publications.
Researchers in a new study say visitor activities in caves in Cambodia pose challenges for conservation, noting that human disturbance is often detrimental to populations, which in turn take substantial time to recover from declines.
In railway transport systems, a temporal disturbance cannot be predicted or prevented.
They found that the height of isolated roughness made the disturbance grow instantaneously, and the growth rate increased with the increase of the height of isolated roughness.
The method of adaptive backstepping is given to design the trajectory tracking controller in view of the slow disturbance from external environment in [2].
It is sensitive to load disturbance, unmodeled dynamics, nonlinear uncertainties, and parameter uncertainties.
MANILA, Philippines A brewing weather disturbance over the Pacific Ocean may hit Eastern Mindanao in areas ravaged by Tropical Storm Vinta on New Year's Day, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) warned yesterday.
RUSH hour trains were delayed after a drunk man caused a disturbance on board - and then stood in front it when it stopped.
A MAN has been fined after a disturbance at a Middlesbrough pub over the weekend.