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Synonyms for distrust




Synonyms for distrust

lack of trust

to lack trust or confidence in

to be uncertain, disbelieving, or skeptical about

Synonyms for distrust

the trait of not trusting others

regard as untrustworthy

References in classic literature ?
I began, upon this, to distrust the sincerity of the viceroy's professions, and resolved, upon the receipt of another letter from the viceroy, to return directly.
Besides other impediments, it may be remarked that, where there is a consciousness of unjust or dishonorable purposes, communication is always checked by distrust in proportion to the number whose concurrence is necessary.
On a diminished scale, I had awakened in his bosom some such uneasy distrust as the pocket-handkerchief of Desdemona is known to have aroused in that of the Moor.
Betts Shoreham owed his distrust to national prejudice, and well was he paid for entertaining so vile a companion.
The distrust of Lisa, however, had increased in proportion as they approached the sphere of action; and M'Lellan, in particular, kept a vigilant eye upon his motions, swearing to shoot him if he attempted to cross the river first.
She looked at me with a wondering distrust which was much more to my mind than her whole-hearted confidence.
Necessary, however, is the evil; necessary are the envy and the distrust and the back-biting among the virtues.
To her mother's regret, and to his own regret, the unfortunate creature had discovered the share which circumstances had induced him to take in placing her under restraint, and had conceived the most intense hatred and distrust of him in consequence.
I hope, Sir Percival, you don't do me the injustice to suppose that I distrust you," she said quickly.
Tell me plainly, have you any reason to distrust Sir Percival Glyde?
My readers have opportunities of judging for themselves whether the influences and tendencies which I distrust in America, have any existence not in my imagination.
If the opposition distrusts the judiciary branch, why do they file charges?
Distrust: It has much to do with the formation of the next government: Muslims distrust BJP; Third Front each other; Congress itself; and BJP under Modi distrusts non-Hindutva people.
The story line is action-packed, but it is the relationships between Daniel and Bella, and Bella and Fran (think of Johnny Five is alive) that make the tale spin as she needs him to survive, but distrusts him with her beloved Fran, a daughter to Bella.