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Synonyms for distrustful

Synonyms for distrustful

lacking trust or confidence

Antonyms for distrustful

having or showing distrust

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Distrustful politicians were nominated by an increasingly distrustful nation.
By all accounts, however, he is an insular, distrustful person who rules with a small group of advisors," Owen wrote in the cable.
Central Bank and other private banks in Myanmar have been operating ATMs that can accept foreign-issued Visa and Mastercards for months, but many are distrustful of the machines.
How did such a distrustful mind find a philosophical basis for belief in God rather than, say, solipsism?
Professor Nazmi Maliqi believes that the shortage of stable institutions responsible for security and the many suspicious cases make citizens distrustful of institutions.
In Chicago, I would argue that the lack of accountability with rogue officers has left residents of high-crime neighborhoods distrustful of the police accountability system, which allows abusive officers to keep their jobs with little discipline.
Barry waterfront phase two plans - page 12) TOO often people are distrustful of change, but the regeneration planned for Barry should be a source of excitement - for residents of the town and the wider South Wales population.
It will further heighten tensions between Iran and distrustful world powers.
The author looks at how mechanics' expertise has been both a source of strength and of tension with often distrustful consumers, and at how the increasing prevalence of computers and auto electronics has challenged mechanics' expertise and social identity.
GALLUP'S OWN REPORT, TAKING stock of its findings concerning newspapers and TV news, noted the financial challenges the media industry faces and said that "so long as roughly 3 in 4 Americans remain distrustful, it will be difficult to attract the large and loyal audiences necessary to boost revenues.
I am a distrustful person, and that's why I check everybody," Borisov declared Friday when asked to confirm or disprove the reports that the State National Security Agency DANS is investigating Tsvetkov over a project for the construction of a "rolling highway" terminal at the Dragoman train station.
Agreeable people tend to be trusting, straightforward and show concern for others, while people who score high on antagonism tend to be distrustful, sceptical and at the extreme cynical, manipulative, self-centred, arrogant and quick to express anger, she added.
Oh, heAAEs given a bad first marriage to a Swedish nymphomaniac that makes him distrustful of women.
A poll among marketing managers and managing directors of smaller firms showed that many were distrustful of communication tools such as blogs, forums and Facebook.
Contes d'une tete tranchee (Tales of a Severed Head) considers the issue of women's role in society using the frame of the thousand-year-old collection of tales (which may have migrated from Farsi into Arabic) known as the Thousand and One Nights--in which the king Shahrayar, insanely distrustful of women, swears to marry a new wife each night and kill her the next morning to prevent her cuckolding him.