distributed data processing

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data processing in which some of the functions are performed in different places and connected by transmission facilities

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The distributed data processing tools comparison Criterion Hadoop Thrift Gearman Storm Modification No Yes No Yes POFs 1 1 1 1 Ecosystem High Medium Medium Medium Ease of A.
What made distributed data processing possible is that Gates realised that it was commercially sensible to separate software from hardware.
The Architecture of Virtual Industrial Enterprise--A New Paradigm in Distributed Data Processing and communications in Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, Bucure[section]ti, Mai, 2005.
More recently, companies have bulked up inhouse departments to handle telecommunications, distributed data processing, and systems integration and maintenance.
Some of the technologies clients use include electronic data interchange (EDI)--in which traditional documents such as purchase orders and invoices no longer exist-electronic imaging systems and distributed data processing such as client server Computing.
Thus far, we have conducted, or are conducting, an audit or a survey of Board member expenses, contingency planning efforts, automation program management, distributed data processing systems, procurement activities, compensation practices, information security, personal computer software and security, physical security controls, and a data processing reporting system, as well as the certification of the Board's financial statements discussed earlier.
For example, combining distributed data processing control systems (such as our MP-25 measurement processor) with multiaxes probe heads, dynamically stiff machine structures, and 3-D software can dramatically increase CMM throughput--average touch time can be as low as 1.
New operating concepts such as distributed data processing, local area networks, X.
By leveraging Hadoop's MapReduce architecture through native code generation for highly distributed data processing, Talend Open Studio for Big Data runs data transformations and data quality directly inside Hadoop for maximum scalability.
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