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Synonyms for distress

Synonyms for distress

to cause anxious uneasiness in

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

a state of physical or mental suffering

the condition of being in need of immediate assistance

Synonyms for distress

a state of adversity (danger or affliction or need)

extreme physical pain

Related Words

the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim


Related Words

bring into difficulties or distress, especially financial hardship

cause mental pain to

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Upon receiving a distress call, the ship captain should inform the vessel in need that they are on their way to rescue them.
Upon receiving a distress signal, the master of a ship at sea, which is in a position to help, is bound to proceed with all speed to assist, if possible informing those in distress that the ship is doing so.
150 participants from North West England from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds completed questionnaires measuring psychological distress, emotional eating and resilience.
This article first examines the various factors that contribute to moral distress, and then discusses how moral distress can be decreased in new graduate pediatric nurses through the implementation of unit-based, micro-level changes.
Key words: Type I diabetes, type II diabetes, diabetes distress, psychological well-being.
Mean overall diabetes distress score was 2.55+-0.75, signifying moderate distress.
The distress anomaly may result from unexpected developments during the sample period, as suggested by Campbell et al.
From a competitor's perspective, financial distress in a rival leads to negative stock effects, but the potential to gain from enlarged market share will not arise until the distressed rival actually files for bankruptcy.
Jackson, Ph.D., from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, and colleagues examined whether psychological distress is associated with risk of MI and stroke in 221,667 participants without prior stroke/MI from the New South Wales 45 and Up population-based prospective study.
The findings, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, showed that high/ very high psychological distress was associated with a 44 per cent increased risk of stroke among women.
'Even low levels of distress' harm our well-being in the long run, warn researchers.
Compared to people with no symptoms of distress, the chances of developing arthritis were 57 per cent higher in those with low levels.
Although, few studies are conducted in Pakistan to predict the financial distress nonetheless, these studies are limited to small sample size, consists on specific sectors or other, such as Ijaz et al., (2013) taken only sugar sector, Malik (2013) focused on sugar and cement sectors, while other contributing sectors are ignored.
Global Banking News-May 6, 2019-GoldenTree secures USD 1.7bn for distressed private equity fund
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 6, 2019-GoldenTree secures USD 1.7bn for distressed private equity fund