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Synonyms for distress

Synonyms for distress

to cause anxious uneasiness in

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

a state of physical or mental suffering

the condition of being in need of immediate assistance

Synonyms for distress

a state of adversity (danger or affliction or need)

extreme physical pain

Related Words

the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim


Related Words

bring into difficulties or distress, especially financial hardship

cause mental pain to

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A nurse, remembering a situation where she had compromised in the face of moral distress, is suffering from
The present study examined SITs in a non-clinical sample to determine whether the content of the thought or real-life sexual experiences similar to the thought are associated with distress from the thought.
The main findings from the survey were: (1) the intensity of moral distress was uniformly high across the six categories of situations, (2) there was a variability of encounter frequencies among the different categories of situations, (3) futile care situations had the highest moral distress and encounters in the study cohort, and (4) years of nursing experience and caring for oncology patients were significantly associated with encounter frequencies of moral distress situations.
Participants without psychological distress at baseline who reported sleeping five hours or less per night were three times more likely to be distressed one year later (RR 3.
The Internal Revenue Code was amended in 1996 to provide that emotional distress is not treated as a physical injury or physical sickness for purposes of section 104; as a result all damages other than those for physical injury fall within the general inclusion rule of section 61.
6511 is running for those individuals who have paid taxes on awards for emotional distress or other nonphysical injuries.
After all these years, there still is not much to review except the legislative history to the 1996 act, which states that damages for symptoms of emotional distress do not give rise to an exclusion.
Hull's final statement that the psychological distress experienced by persons in quarantine is not a sufficient reason to refrain from invoking these measures when they are needed to control an outbreak.
However, increasing stress beyond and individual's ability to cope causes the experience of distress, and consequently, a decrease in performance (Seyle, 1975).
The management of a distressed bank typically has an incentive to conceal the extent of distress.
When his respiratory distress worsened, an oral airway tube was placed, and his breathing difficulty resolved immediately.
Chapters include: the distress--a social problem of families in extreme distress and multi-problem families; the hope--clinical interventions with families in extreme distress; the fear of working with families in extreme distress--overcoming the coalition of despair; descriptive scale of families in extreme distress; developing a toolbox and creating the therapeutic context; expanding the toolbox--using goal-oriented techniques; beyond the therapy room; the L.
However, psychological growth during group therapy can include periods of heightened distress as patients, with the encouragement of the group, confront their fears, Spiegel says.
Levels of psychological distress, as measured by the General Health Questionnaire, did not change significantly throughout the study period.
SAN DIEGO -- DataQuick[R], a provider of advanced real estate information solutions powered by data, analytics and decisioning, has added several key content and performance enhancements to its RiskFinder Distress solution, including enhanced tracking of short sales.