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levy a distress on

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confiscate by distress

legally take something in place of a debt payment

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Indeed, Suffield's New Light faction proved to be a contentious and recalcitrant lot, and many of those who separated from the town's two churches willingly suffered the distrainment of their personal possessions rather than pay taxes to support either standing minister.
Taken together, the above passages map the events leading from the initial distrainment of the Paston tenants' livestock at Drayton to the presentation of the replevin that forced Margaret to return the livestock.
The ruling coalition, which turned down the opposition's proposal to grant amnesty on distrainment orders where debtors are tax offices, social insurer and health insurers, has now opened this issue based on its own proposal.
The coalition spoke about the distrainment amnesty beginning last May.
New rules for distrainment, including personal distrainment, and major restructuring rules, are among the changes that became effec tive in 2017.