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The final step is to combine the local orthogonal shrinkage values generated in the shrinkage analysis with the mechanical constraints on the part, such as gates, to determine the net distorted shape.
The key to the escape of radiation can be found in the unusual, distorted shape of the newly observed galaxy.
Screwing a normal nerve cell protein into a distorted shape helps slugs, and possibly people, lock in memories, new research shows.
The warpage analysis module takes the local orthotropic shrinkage values generated in shrinkage analysis and combines them with the mechanical constraints on the part, such as gates, to determine the net distorted shape.
A more distorted shape would suggest that the dust was generated by a collision between two large chunks of rock only about 100 years ago, Telesco says.
Astronomers have always wondered about the distorted shape of the Cygnus Loop.
With its torn-out tail, distorted shape, and gas shoved to one side, the galaxy "looked like it had been hit with a hammer" says Keel.
Moreover, topologists have already proved that every eversion must pass through a distorted shape in which at least four sections of the surface meet at one point.
A collision with hot gas could account for the distorted shape of the spiral galaxy in NGC 2300.
Or do they simply show that the artist was not especially good at drawing, or perhaps distorted shapes for artistic reasons we cannot know?
Sure enough, the distorted shapes of the galaxies revealed a thick cord of matter with a mass comparable to that of a small galaxy cluster.
A census of 30 quasar host galaxies conducted with two of NASA's premier observatories, Hubble and Spitzer, has found that 26 of the host galaxies bear no telltale signs of collisions with neighbours, such as distorted shapes.
At times, the bodies are in distorted shapes, which can be very disturbing.
She begins to see distorted shapes, eventually identifying a woman trapped behind the paper fighting to get out.