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an odd or unusual characteristic

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A further distinguishing characteristic is often straggly beards - half-way between designer stubble and a real beard, such growths are probably indicative of a hormone deficiency.
The first distinguishing characteristic is all about mission, all of the time--that is, special career-oriented universities that primarily serve working-class students.
Whereas content analysis of these narratives revealed that those classified as role models successfully initiated, implemented and completed tasks, the most distinguishing characteristic of the "less effective" managers was good communication skills that is, they were described as "good listeners" and as individuals who "shared information.
This is the distinguishing characteristic of non-virtual clustering compared to non-clustered virtualization.
Described as a WHW sump, the distinguishing characteristic between this type and other sumps within the range is its size.
The distinguishing characteristic of a profession is its dedication to the service of humanity.
351 "lacks a distinguishing characteristic of a sale, in that, instead of the transaction having the effect of terminating or extinguishing the beneficial interests of the transferors in the transferred property .
For these children, camp can be a wonderful opportunity to "reinvent" who they are -- and this can be a distinguishing characteristic for a particular operation.
Under revenue ruling 70-285, the distinguishing characteristic of a "special school" is its curriculum.
The agency found its answer with the Callistemon plant, which became the brand's distinguishing characteristic.
The distinguishing characteristic between the Elite LaChrom and the LaChrom is the autosampling unit, which Hitachi boasts to have improved speed, capacity, reproducibility and lower sample carryover.
Her truly distinguishing characteristic, to which our attention is constantly directed, is the "anatomical anomaly" [sic] of a "gorgeous" [sic] pair of gluteus maximus africanus worthy, it seems, of the Hottentot Venus.
Likewise, a reductive grammar focuses on a single distinguishing characteristic in the use of a particular grammar point.
For example, the easiest way is to divide the group of organisms into two different groups based on one distinguishing characteristic (corn vs.