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The Joint Chiefs of Staff, with the concurrence of the service secretaries, have recommended the creation of a new distinguishing device that can be affixed to existing medals to recognize the extraordinary actions of this small number of men and women," Nagel said in a written release.
I agree with the Joint Chiefs' findings and have directed the creation of a distinguishing device instead of a separate medal," Hagel said.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: One second after Junior showed the faintest interest in skating, she was signed up for monitoring duties at the local Skateboard (and related activities) Park.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Most often an impressionable teen who gets a pad-nanny position over the summer.
Acknowledging what motivates people to become business stakeholders and distinguishing influential stakeholders are two strategies that can help turn routine community relations campaigns into outstanding ones.
This books attempts to tackle these questions and ultimately to devise a system of fixed penalties for war crimes and crimes against humanity, which can be globally utilised as a basis for distinguishing between both categories of international crimes in terms of gravity and which is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the full ambit of relevant sentencing variables.
But night-cruising hawkmoths, during tests in Kelber's lab, have done better than people do at distinguishing colors even in light as dim as starlight (SN: 11/30/02, p.
For Valladolid, Blanco Perez proceeds in a somehow different manner, distinguishing first the commentary and the dialogue and, then, among the sources of the commentary, Hippocrates and Galen on the one hand and, on the other hand, all the other authors.
Perez Ibanez closes his work with a case study (the denominations of dropsy), which illustrates the productivity of the linguistic approach: Renaissance physicians recovered nor only the different technical names of dropsy present in ancient texts, but also the medical analysis of dropsy, thus distinguishing different types.
The patent claims cover multiple genetic sequences that were identified using HDC's patented support vector machine (SVM)-based technology as having the greatest significance for reliably distinguishing among different types of prostate disease as well as for separating diseased prostate from normal tissue.
Knot theorists have long sought practical procedures for distinguishing knotted curves from unknotted ones.
From 1993 to 1997, Database Technologies' revenue grew by 1,083 percent, distinguishing it as the 294th fastest growing technology company and one of the fastest growing systems integration and IT management service providers in the nation.
The last few years have seen a resurgence of interest in knot theory, precipitated by the unexpected discovery of several new ways of mathematically distinguishing knots (SN: 10/26/85, p.
now suggests the distinguishing force was the appetite of Old World monkeys.