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Synonyms for distinctness

Synonyms for distinctness

the state of being several and distinct

the quality of being not alike

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Low sensitiveness of taxonomic distinctness indices to human impacts: evidences across marine benthic organisms and habitat types.
Walter Jetz of Yale University said that evolutionary distinctness is a metric that informs about the loss of evolutionary information that the extinction of a given species would cause and because of global family trees they will be able to compare this aspect of distinctness for all species.
It is a fact that by this aspirated vocalization great flexibility of the larynx and distinctness of technique can be most surely and quickly acquired.
The automotive industry is also interested in distinctness of image and there are now sophisticated tools for numerically measuring that factor too.
Graham proposes to investigate a doctrine that "constitutes one expression of our individualist culture" (7), a doctrine often referred to as the "distinctness of persons." He discerns a cluster of distinct points here.
The tripartite name formerly used to denote the distinctness of this organism is not only cumbersome, it is inadequate because its meaning is not apparent and must be defined every time it is used.
One can find self-preservation, for example, in Leibniz's monads, compelled to interrelate yet ontologically distinct and tending to preserve this distinctness; and one can find self-preservation in Hobbes' human beings, who are led to the social contract defensively -- all wish selfishly and "arelationally" to preserve themselves, but the best way to do this is by existing in relation to one another, in society.
Analytical Measurement Technology's AppearaMax PLUS measures Orange Peel, Gloss and DOI (distinctness of image).
Yeo finds a convincing coherence in Whewell's search for the epistemological unity underlying the conceptual distinctness of different scientific branches of knowledge.
The progress Taliaferro makes in the human case towards integrating the body with the spirit while simultaneously preserving their distinctness allows him, through cautious use of analogy, 'to see Divine agency and awareness as constituting a kind of partial embodiment' (p.
"This mirrors society's recognition of the distinctness of commercial speech."
But recent researches have discovered two early sixteenth-century stoplists and from then on the historical progression is as clear as one can hope for, given the roving nature of organ-builders and the distinctness of two quite different traditions in Polish regions, Protestant and Catholic.
Do yellow-nosed cotton rats and Mexican voles truly occur sympatrically in the Guadalupe's, or do they maintain some level of ecological distinctness there?
This work has resulted in the identification of filler packages which provide a distinctness of image within five units of painted steel, and which maintain desired performance[ref.2].
According to Kshama Upadhyay, a paints, coatings and pigments research analyst from Technavio, "Solventborne coatings are popularly used owing to the advantages of better finishing, flexible application, fast drying, excessive gloss for the distinctness of image, and easy application on any wood substrate.