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an odd or unusual characteristic

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The distinctive feature of this kind of art varies from an artist to another depending on their respective abilities to depict human feelings; it has a growing appeal among the rich Iranians nowadays, said Ali Akbar Beki, an Iranian painter.
But his disguise failed to hide his most distinctive feature - his eyes, which were bright blue.
To claim either of the items, proof of purchase or the ability to describe an individual or distinctive feature of the jewellery will be necessary.
However, the car's most distinctive feature is the bespoke M aerodynamic body styling package, with a revised front spoiler configuration and contrasting matt aluminium trim in the side air intakes giving more aggressive looks.
The wide choice of colors and tints is the distinctive feature of Rastsvet special coatings.
MAKE a distinctive feature on a wall with a set of five round mirrors in various sizes.
Let us consider that a Simple Distinctive Feature (shortly, Distinctive Feature, abbreviated DF) is the simplest constructive piece of a part--made from a surface or a group of surfaces that can be machined together--in which a part can be divided (the atom of the part).
A marvellous selection of watchmaking parts of exception, incorporating an exquisite alliance of baguette and brilliant cut diamond settings, in a masterly interpretation of the famous "Imperial Columns", which are a distinctive feature of the middle parts and bezels of timepieces made by the House of DeWitt.
A distinctive feature of On the Run with Dick and Jane is that quotation marks are omitted from the spoken dialogue, lending the tale elements of a stream-of-consciousness feel.
A distinctive feature of Catholic social teaching, for example, is its concern for the poor--which prompts some to align the Church with the left side of the political spectrum.
This distinctive feature prevents manufacturers from experiencing downtime due to unscheduled stoppage of machinery.
The edges of the original sand traps also have been restored to the rounded look Jones intended when he designed this near-half-century-old course, and those softened bunker borders might rival the waterfall ponds as the most distinctive feature at buffed-up El Cab.
This rosin's distinctive feature is that it is tall oil based and contains acid functionality (-COOH), making it compatible in a wide range of elastomers, according to the company.
One distinctive feature will be a wide fixed glass roof that creates more natural interior light for occupants.
The most distinctive feature, however, is surely Liam Noble's fifteen original compositions in the styles of these pianists.