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Paradoxist Distichs can be broadly put into four classes: A.
Published in his Miscellaneous Poems (1681) are the Latin elegiac distichs addressed "To a Gentleman that only upon the sight of the Author's writing, had given a Character of his Person and Judgment of his Fortune" (how far this is Marvell's own title remains uncertain).
Classical Prosody denoting a distich the first line of which is a dactylic hexameter and the second a pentameter, or a verse differing from the hexameter by suppression of the arsis or metrically unaccented part of the third and the sixth foot.
I will tie a sorrowful distich to the leg of a goose and wait through the idle years.
Strugnell pointed out mis-translations, misidentifications, questionable readings, confusing plate-numbers, ending his comments with a Latin distich, "R' habet Italicum liber hic, habet atque Pelasgum, necnon Hebraeum, praetereaque nihil,
Soon, however, and naturally enough, the father of sin returned to sloth and obstinacy, and Martin hurried him again with repeated signs of the Cross, till, twitched and stung to the quick by those crossings so hateful to him, the vexed and tired reprobate uttered the following distich in a rage:</p> <pre> Signa te, signa; temere me tangis et angis, Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amor.
Through this distich, Sir Sabyn makes the argument that Vespasian's chivalry and his attention to his vow to obliterate Jerusalem will remain intact even if his agency will reside at a geographical extremity, that is, Rome.
Each distich has four hemistiches and each hemistich has eight vowels.
But distich thinking also installed rhetorical habits of mind: the mind of a Polonius, for example, or a John of Gaunt--or indeed a Hamlet, "To be, or not to be.
longer produce even a distich not destined for the monolith, and from
Trapp says little about the metrical conventions of the elegy, which in Greek poetry consists of alternating hexameters and pentameters called the "elegiac distich.
This Persian distich about the Spider and the Owl was by tradition recited by the young Sultan Mehmet II as he surveyed the Sacred Palace of the emperors of Byzantium after his conquest of Constantinople on May 29th, 1453.
At Westminster, where little poets strive To set a distich upon six and five, Where discipline helps opening buds of sense, And makes his pupils proud with silver pence, I was a poet too.
15) Part 1 contains four stanzas - an opening quatrain, followed by a tristich, and two more quatrains; parts 2 and 3 contain three stanzas each - two quatrains framing a distich in part 2, and three consecutive quintets in part 3.
no greater power of satiric suggestion was shown by the consul Ablabius when in a couple of verses he stabbed at the life and family of Constantine and put his tooth into them with this distich posted up secretly on the door of the palace: