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Synonyms for distension

the act of expanding by pressure from within


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Recurrent abdominal pain, failure to thrive or patients only with short stature and refractory anemia are prominent features in NCDC group whereas abdominal distension, failure to thrive and recurrent abdominal pain were noticeable features in CCD.
However, preexisting abdominal distension and mask ventilation might contribute to an increase in stomach distension; this may have increased the risk of aspiration.
Examination revealed generalized abdominal distension without tenderness, guarding, or rebound.
Clinicamente deshidratada, con distension abdominal, sin masa palpable ni signos de irritacion peritoneal.
Inflammatory intestinal diseases or disorders of colonic motility can also lead to constipation or megacolon--a pathologic distension of the colon.
This system distends the uterus by filling it with saline to facilitate viewing with a hysteroscope during diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, and provides fluid management ability through the closed-loop recirculation of filtered distension fluid.
A 60 year male (Body Mass Index of 22) presented to emergency department with 5 days history of abdominal distension, pain and absolute constipation.
En principio, se define como la incapacidad para digerir alimentos por via enteral, caracterizada por la presencia de distension abdominal, emesis y alteracion en la progresion del aporte enteral [1-4].
PROTOCO2L TOUCH Colon Insufflator is used during CT Colonography exams to obtain optimal colonic distension.
Hence proceeded with laparotomy, which turned out to be negative and was referred to our institute with abdominal distension and ascites and subsequently diagnosed as Epithelioid trophoblastic tumour.
On the 83rd post-tracheostomy day, we noticed rapidly progressive abdominal distension with each mechanical breath from the ventilator.
Consequently, it is not clear whether the ruminal distension or the increased ruminal fluid osmolality produced by feed boluses entering the rumen during dry forage feeding were the main physiological suppressing factors on dry forage intake in ruminants.
1993) resulting in distension of distal loops, compromising blood supply, necrosis and finally death of animal (Krishnamurthy et al.
A 21-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal distension and pain for the last 24 hours.
The patient suffered from severe pain, abdominal distension and hemorrhage which continued for two weeks, prompting doctors to conduct the delicate three-hour surgery and remove the tumor.