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My point is that much that in the abstract might today seem distasteful, if enacted into law, does not therefore--simply because of its distastefulness or even because of its perceived egregious nature to many present-day sensibilities--become something over which the top judges have been given a supervisory role by the Constitution.
Bush's distastefulness helped to blind Westerners to the momentous marriage of Islamism and democratic ideas.
They can encourage us to stand up to bullying and show us the distastefulness of being a mean girl.
29) Vulture funds tend to be secretive about their investors, which is not surprising, given the political distastefulness of seeking to reap profits at the expense of indebted, and typically very poor, countries and their citizenry.
to inject their own personal assessments of distastefulness and beauty
Distastefulness as a defense mechanism in Aplysia brasiliana (Mollusca: Gastropoda).
Negative campaign advertising in political elections demonstrates both the potential importance of negative preferences in voting and their potential distastefulness.
His invisibility, distastefulness, and even dirtiness have become his home away from home.
Through its interrogation of a specific historical set of beliefs and principles, the play shows us the emptiness and distastefulness of contemporary life after stripping away the pureness of supposedly happy and innocent memories.
I am not suggesting, however, that distastefulness should mean that the video should be suppressed or that its misleading attributes ought to call forth any sanctions.
While the distastefulness of dealing with a repressive regime may have contributed to the poor policy decisions, North Korea has not made determining its interests easy, either.
It is my desire to replace the distastefulness of such experience with a sense of respect, professionalism and achievement.
Observations on distastefulness of Monistria concinna (Walker) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae).
Yet complaints by observers of the gore produced by death by firing squad, the smell of burning flesh during electrocutions, and the distastefulness of seeing parts of people's faces being burned, or the twitching of the hanged, seem to have influenced the legislature's choice of the method of execution as well as the structure of the state protocols.