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Synonyms for distasteful

Synonyms for distasteful

difficult to accept

so unpleasant in flavor as to be inedible

Synonyms for distasteful

not pleasing in odor or taste

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The rape remark was a flippant comment and I totally agree that it was distasteful and I do regret it.
Mr Rowley is accused of making a host of rude and distasteful comments and gestures towards colleagues.
It's particularly distasteful and the only way to respond to this kind of behaviour is to boycott the events.
Attempting to scare and deliberately mislead the public using a purported risk of legionnaires in this way is distasteful and without foundation.
In Nova Makedonija Vladimir Nikolovski says that it is distasteful for the biggest opposition party to just now demand a regulative which will prevent the expiry of the crime acts related to the privatization because most of these acts are already outdated.
In my view, and that of others, the railings are there for a specific purpose and fit in very well, being directly painted black and far from being distasteful.
Apparently the shootings followed a prairie dog hunt "PETA always uses the most distasteful tactics to make headlines," says Rick Story of the U.
The FA Cup Final in May provided a turgid finale to last season and preceded a summer dominated by the distasteful wranglings over Calos Tevez and David Beckham's move to Los Angeles.
I found it very distasteful, it sends out the wrong message.
While I personally find middle-aged people dating teenagers to be distasteful, you shouldn't make it sound as if Gerry Studds was a child molester.
Once they have exercised that choice, we must constructively engage with them, even if the choice is distasteful to us.
I found the attack on Peter Jones particularly distasteful, because Peter deserves the highest praise for the enormous personal effort he has put in to further the Tote's objectives.
The phenomenon is one of the more distasteful manifestations of the wayward European haulage industry.
Benedict's comments may be an effort to distance the church from some of Radio Maryja's more distasteful rhetoric.
A Montgomery County Circuit Court judge in Maryland recently ruled that mooning, while distasteful, is not illegal.