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vision for objects that a 20 feet or more from the viewer

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The distribution of LVAs chosen for near and distance vision is shown in Tables 2 and 3.
sup][22],[23],[24] The subscale scores of distance vision, dependency, role limitations, and mental health among participants in the present study were lower than those from the field testing of NEI VFQ-25 scores among subnormal subjects.
The FDA approval came with its data indicating that 508 study participants demonstrated significant long standing improvement in near and intermediate vision without adverse effect on distance vision or depth perception.
In terms of glasses, single vision lenses are appropriate if your distance vision is good and you need glasses only for up-close focusing (when reading, for example).
Presbyopia is usually corrected with bifocal spectacles, which are designed to correct the distance vision and near vision, which requires holding the reading material from 12 to 16 inches.
Colours are once more vivid and vibrant, detail is sharper and my distance vision has improved.
To preserve normal distance vision, the other eye was left untreated.
It is likely that distance vision will also be affected, which will impact on reaction speeds and the ability to see clearly on the road.
When walking around, the bifocal portion stays out of the way and gives the wearer normal distance vision with peripheral vision in focus.
As we age, the lens becomes less flexible, diminishing near vision while distance vision is preserved.
The interactive EyeSite kiosks are free to use and offer consumers a quick, accurate assessment of near and distance vision, said SoloHealth, which reported that such food and drug retailers as Kroger Co.
School screenings typically do not discover this condition because they only test for distance vision.
The grocer is working with Atlanta-based SoloHealth, a provider of self-service health screening solutions, to deploy interactive EyeSite kiosks, which are free to use and are designed to provide consumers with a quick, accurate assessment of their near and distance vision.
Recent tests carried out by Specsavers Opticians as part of its Drive Safe campaign, measured drivers' long distance vision in North Wales and uncovered some shocking results.
N Nearsightedness is poor distance vision (also called myopia), which is usually treated with glasses or contacts.
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