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More distally on the shaft, the setules are more densely packed so that near the tip they overlap in two to three layers (Fig.
Sisson reported that the articular capsule of the elbow is cranially reinforced by an oblique ligament that originates cranially to the lateral condyle of the humerus, close to the surface of the joint capsule and joins the terminal part of the biceps brachii muscle and brachial muscle distally.
Each two proximal exopodal segments bearing distally a fan of 2 and 4 to five needle-like setae, respectively.
Lateral gastrocnemius was mobilized and retracted towards midline exposing the soleus proximally and Flexor Hallucis Longus (FHL) distally.
Ground color dark brown with long ochreous scales near the base of the wing and along the CuA and 2A, never exceeding distally the discal cell; ochreous spots on costal area from base to Sc end, around CuA1 origin (triangular shaped), and one triangular in Cu[A.
Male legs with fore trochanter bearing single small tooth distally just before apex.
2A); lateral lobe semicircular with distal portion semi-acute, directed distally, caudal surface excavated, external border with row of minute setae; accessory lobe spatulate with distal portion regularly rounded, caudal surface covered by rough papillae (Fig.
Male cerci subconical in side view, basally expanded, gently curved at about midlength, semispatulate distally with moderately acute apex; furcula represented by small, rounded lobes, projecting posteriorly (Fig.
Distally there are no accessory denticles; basal to distal group 3 inner accessory denticles appear, and basal to distal group 5 outer accessory denticles are present.
Scape bracts narrowly elliptic, acute, laxly and variably serrate, laxly arranged distally, becoming dense proximally, red to orange-red.
We believe the subcutaneous emphysema was 'contained' in this case because initially the tip of the tracheal tube, which had delivered gas into the subcutaneous plane during the initial positive pressure inflation, had been incidentally repositioned distally 1 to 2 cm, as warranted by the initial low compliance.
In contrast, a ring is located at the gastroesophageal junction, and it is covered by squamous epithelium proximally and columnar epithelium distally.
Pronotum with longitudinal, parallel, thick wrinkles, with anterior margin broad, lateral margins thick and raised, with a row of short, umbilicate setae on inner surface; expansion of frons on antennal insertion and genae without tuft of setae; epipleuron conspicuous throughout; male with metatibiae distally arched and expanded, ventral surface with long, golden and abundant setae, not forming an oval velvet-like surface on distal third.
Their curvature and direction vary: most of them are incurved to the crown centre, but some cusplets are twisted mesially or distally, or sometimes sigmoidally curved.