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The comparison with Heaney involves certain inevitable dissymmetries that should be pointed out for clarity's sake.
From the outset we should note that fundamental dissymmetries exist between these Spanish and English language studies of Spanish cinema.
the systematic accumulation of symmetries and dissymmetries [alternation] throughout the filmic chain decomposed by the work of a generalized segmentation constantly mimics and reproduces (because the one produces the other) the schema of family [Oedipal] relations that founds the narrative space.
Press, 1986), Peggy Reeves Sanday hypothesizes that such violent acts were "both part of the need to socialize and regulate violence and an acting out of the dissymmetries of power among Europeans and the various Indian nations of this part of colonial North America.
The semantical dissymmetries between masculine and feminine connotations:
If the surface coherence of the texts thus strongly implies that Sidonie has gone mad, there is however an equally powerful counter-coherence that emerges from the radical and disruptive force of the uninterpreted events of the story: it is up to the reader to examine these structural dissymmetries, and to understand the unstated social inequalities in the vision of each character.