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Since the bearing currents from magnetic dissymmetries take a circulating path end-to-end in the motor, the common remediation method is to simply insulate the opposite drive end bearing.
The comparison with Heaney involves certain inevitable dissymmetries that should be pointed out for clarity's sake.
From the outset we should note that fundamental dissymmetries exist between these Spanish and English language studies of Spanish cinema.
the systematic accumulation of symmetries and dissymmetries [alternation] throughout the filmic chain decomposed by the work of a generalized segmentation constantly mimics and reproduces (because the one produces the other) the schema of family [Oedipal] relations that founds the narrative space.
But it is only by insisting on this that we can ever understand either the social dissymmetries represented in Paris or recapture the distinction between social and cultural production that is at the heart of the contradictions in the meaning of work in English departments and the university at large.