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But in striking contrast to the classic courtship plot, in which the hero's suit demands that a certain dogged persistence enter into the sphere of the imaginary in order to render it palpable, the formation of a genuine attachment in Austen's novels, I would argue, usually remains unilateral and dissymmetrical.
Precisely because what is at work is a process defined by activity--one that has an inherently dissymmetrical structure--any conception of futurity is that which is the consequence of work.
proposes to found itself on an unprecedented contract, a dissymmetrical contract inscribing in itself nonknowledge and the possibility of
in a dissymmetrical social relation where the expert is able to impose his own cognitive presuppositions on the indices delivered by the patient, without having to worry about any discrepancy between the tacit assumptions of the patient and his own explicit or implicit assumptions about clinical signs which might generate misunderstandings.
In chapter 4, Moreiras contends that at the heart of Latin Americanism there is a dissymmetrical gaze caught between "restitution and appropriation.
of sacrificing oneself for the wholly other--which Christianity represents by the name of God--without any hope of return; "The gift made to me by God as he holds me in his gaze and in his hand while remaining inaccessible to me, the terribly dissymmetrical gift of the mysterium tremendum only allows me to respond and only rouses me to the responsibility it gives me by making a gift of death [en me donnant la mort], giving the secret of death, a new experience of death.
The general human malaise stemming from dissymmetrical sexual arrangements has recently been superbly dissected, and denounced, by Paule Marshall in her book, Daughters (1991).
There is an unequal and dissymmetrical presentation of perspectives which mirrors the relative power of the characters.