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This type of cavity utilizes significantly less energy compared to the standard dissymmetric cavities.
Experiments were made using both a symmetric and dissymmetric cavity (in the case of the dissymmetric cavity, only the tuning plunger is moved).
Figures 4, 5 and 6 show the time evolution of the incident power, length of the cavity and surface temperature of the sample, respectively, demonstrating that high quality heating control is obtained using either a symmetric or dissymmetric cavity.
However, easy modifications of this law can be considered to adapt the relaxation spectrum expression to other cases and then, for example, to put forward the influence of dissymmetric or multiple molecular weight distributions on the linear viscoelastic behavior.
Blanchot provides splendid readings of the way in which writers such as Nietzsche, Bataille, Pascal, Kafka, Heraclitus, and Sade develop a writing that interrupts being and postulates dissymmetric relations.
This dissymmetric balance can be redressed by recognition of the doctor's professionalism as well as gratitude on the part of the patient.
With respect to the partners involved in the two types of alliance, analogies can be found in terms of their dissymmetric roles and their respective responsibilities in the alliance.
Aromatic polyimides having axially dissymmetric 2,2' bis(p-aminophenoxy) biphenyl units.