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deterring from action

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The Commission also expects Member States to continue towards strong and dissuasive countermeasures for listed jurisdictions which can complement the existing EU-level defensive measures related to funding.
Mais il a ajoute que [beaucoup moins que]venir a bout de cette bureaucratie lourde et dissuasive ne sera pas chose facile.
all kinds of dissuasive measures will be taken," he warned.
While the influx of migrants continue to increase European governments consider collective dissuasive measures to stop them saying their hosting facilities are strained.
The coalition pointed out that this decision is correct and a dissuasive step paving the way for the formation of a front to face the schemes of the Iranian regime targeting the entire Arab region.
La rencontre, organisee par le Centre Inaya pour le developpement et les oeuvres sociales de Marrakech et l'association des barreaux, a initie un enieme debat sur la question de la peine de mort avec des arguments, en leitmotive, des favorables et des detracteurs de l'abolition : le maintien d'une peine dissuasive contre le crime ou son abolition pour se conformer aux valeurs universelles du droit a la vie confortee par la disparition de cette peine dans de vastes contrees dont les pays de l'Europe (a l'exception du Belarus).
The presence of the armed forces is above all dissuasive," Defence Minister Celso Amorim said.
The fact that these two attacks occurred in places in the capital with a reputation for being safe can only have a dissuasive impact on media preparing to cover the election," said Reza Moini, the head of the Reporters Without Borders' Iran-Afghanistan desk.
Meanwhile, AGRI has been in parallel working on its position on the Commission's package for an animal and plant health, published on 6 May, which among others will include a regulation on official controls aiming at improving the efficiency of controls performed along the agri-food chain and setting a harmonised system of penalties that would be sufficiently dissuasive and higher than the economic gain expected from fraud.
International standards require sanctions that are proportionate, dissuasive, and effective.
Mulla said in a press conference today : "There are innocent prisoners and detainees languishing since years in prisons, in the same time and paradoxically there are free and loose militias ," describing the latest statements made by the so-called General Secretary of Hezbollah of Iraqi Wathiq Battat, as : "a threat to the Iraqi people, without taking any dissuasive measure against him by the government or by some politicians who are in reality sympathizing with Battat.
Moreover, only the regions that have implemented accompanying measures (information and awareness-raising campaigns, reviews of administrative procedures and incentivising or dissuasive financial measures), including by means of economic instruments, have achieved the goals of EU policy on waste management.
La defense, rien que la defense, avec une armee dissuasive, apolitique et professionnelle", a-t-il precise dans son discours annuel sur l'etat de la nation.
Prior to the session, State Minister Mohammad Fneish said, in response to a question about "Ayyoub" drone, that this step indeed highlighted that the Resistance was a dissuasive force in case Israel ever thought of attacking Lebanon.
This article compares the level of fines actually imposed on cartel participants to the illicit gains captured by the firms and estimates a range of optimal restitution and dissuasive fines in each case.