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  • verb

Synonyms for dissuade

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for dissuade

turn away from by persuasion



References in classic literature ?
Though Ghak and Kolk both attempted to dissuade me, I was determined to set out at once, nor did I delay longer than to make a copy of my map to be given to Perry that he might add to his that which I had set down since we parted.
The chief further explained that he had done his best to dissuade the white man from so rash an act, as he was going directly into the country of the tribe of the two men he had killed, and there was little chance that he ever would come out alive.
The DETER Act uses key national security tools to dissuade hostile foreign powers from meddling in our elections by ensuring that they know well in advance that the costs will outweigh the benefits.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines has pledged not to bomb mosques occupied by Islamic extremists in Marawi City but has urged Muslim religious leaders to dissuade the gunmen from using mosques in their attacks, a military spokesperson said Wednesday.
Global Banking News-March 22, 2016--Banks turning to biometric tech to dissuade criminals
POLICE a family fun day in an eort to dissuade children from using drugs and being antisocial.
The car was surrounded by police officers, who are continuing attempts to dissuade the man from killing himself.
Summary: Doctors are taking industrial action for the first time in 37 years, despite last-ditch attempts from ministers to dissuade them.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Polling stations in Iran's capital city of Tehran are witnessing high public participation today despite the massive negative propaganda launched by the western media to dissuade the Iranian people from voting in the parliamentary elections.
However, the regulator "retains the power to fix the maximum amount of that charge levied by operators at a level below the costs incurred by them, when a charge calculated only on the basis of these costs is liable to dissuade users from making use of the portability facility".
Its report contains a series of measures intended to dissuade women from wearing all-enveloping veils.
Why isn't the Government introducing legislation as a matter of priority to attempt to dissuade criminals from carrying and using weapons by means of punitive sentences for people in possession of knives or guns?
In a future episode, a series of jokes depends upon Russell staring at Audrey's breasts, no matter how she attempts to dissuade his lusty overtures.
Do "pregnancy clinics" that seek to dissuade women from having abortions really believe that their tactics are essentially just business plans?
In 2001, Bishop Franz Kamphaus of Limburg refused to ban Donum Vitae from his diocese not because he supported abortion, but because he saw counselling as a way to dissuade women from abortion (C.