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  • verb

Synonyms for dissuade

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for dissuade

turn away from by persuasion



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This bill will help to ensure the integrity of our electoral process by using key national security tools to dissuade foreign powers from meddling in our elections.
Restituto Padilla, Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson, said Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Eduardo Ano had promised not to bomb mosques while asking religious leaders to dissuade Maute extremists from using the places of worship as staging grounds for their attacks.
Banks are turning to biometric technology to dissuade criminals.
POLICE are preparing for a family fun day in an eort to dissuade children from using drugs and being antisocial.
Some people are trying to dissuade the man from killing himself
The Iranian people's high turnout came as the western media have sought hard to dissuade the people from voting on one hand, and show to the world that the ninth parliamentary elections in Iran is experiencing a cold public participation on the other hand.
This may dissuade particularly young people from beginning a life of violent crime.
In 2001, Bishop Franz Kamphaus of Limburg refused to ban Donum Vitae from his diocese not because he supported abortion, but because he saw counselling as a way to dissuade women from abortion (C.
Chat rooms have been made available to students, and Janice tries to dissuade Linda from getting involved due to the potential danger.
Religious Right lobbying outfits have urged passage of the bill, arguing that it is needed to dissuade lawsuits against religious displays on public property.
John Randolph, however, could not dissuade his countrymen from taking up arms in their defense, and Virginia's royal government fled.
Such inequalities, which historically have led to social upheavals across the planet, don't seem to dissuade DiLorenzo in the least.
Conducted in July, the survey asked respondents, 18 and older, to what extent -- if at all -- the prevalence of built-in clocks was likely to dissuade them from buying a new one.
Caption: Frigid Start: Cold weather could not dissuade 1,670 runners--along with some walkers, dogs and family members--from participating in Minnesota Life's Frozen 5K and shortened Half Marathon on Jan.
My parents tried to dissuade me because I'm not very good at rejection, which is what this business is all about' -Zoe Wanamaker on her youthful yearning to become an actress.