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Synonyms for dissonant

Synonyms for dissonant

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency

Synonyms for dissonant

characterized by musical dissonance

lacking in harmony

not in accord

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Instead, he used complex, dissonant, atonal and serial music, but could still write lush melodies when needed.
This lively, eight-minute gem is a perfect start for an evening of Russian magic, and the composer is still alive, despite daring to thumb his nose at the old Soviet regime with dissonant delights such as this.
The programme started with Britten's interesting, but potentially awkward Missa Brevis with conductor, Philip Honnor bringing out an expressive performance from the upper voices, the singers warming to the task and concluding with a fervent plea for peace amongst the dissonant anguish of the organ part.
For those unafraid of dissonant harmonies, Simpson's Symphony No.
Many of their fans were afraid that their dense mix of crunchy guitar, distorted, dissonant samples and chugging blues rhythms would get lost in the shuffle of Interscope's current library of sure-fire top 40 cash cows.
Two cognitions are said to be dissonant if one cognition follows from the opposite of another.
When Rice explodes, barking "fuck you" over a threnody of dissonant strings ("Rootless Tree"), well, you're definitely not in James Blunt territory.
Take a listen to Monotheist and it's obvious that the trio, which also includes new drummer Franco Sesa, has retained its signature sound defined by dissonant Gothic riffs, snarling vocals, ultra-heavy rhythms, and an extreme metal aesthetic imbued with oddly melodic underpinnings.
Q: Didn't it also introduce often dissonant, improvised music to a lot of people?
The design retains today's basic theme, but is less dissonant and more upscale and cohesive than its current iteration.
They may appear as impatient, dissonant, too direct; it is their sense that everything should be fixed or solved immediately.
The first gives the characteristics and examples of resonant and dissonant leadership.
At the fault line, the thick translucent skin gives way to a patchwork of clear glazing, sometimes canted, in red oxide painted steel framing, which marks the dissonant zone of the ramp and allows generous views out.
Contrast that with no fewer than 15 symphonies - some dissonant and loud - which act as a commentary on Soviet life and events, plus many chamber works, and the measure of the composer's influence becomes clear.
Along with these roles, BBC radio contributes to the coherence of an increasingly diverse and fragmented society, through creating a forum where all our dissonant voices may be heard.