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Synonyms for dissonance



Synonyms for dissonance

Synonyms for dissonance

a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters

the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality

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While hazing may be an extreme term to apply to stock-market investing, the cognitive dissonance that keeps hazing a relatively common practice in our 'enlightened' modern world also creates stock-price movement.
We expected that people who experienced cognitive dissonance would try to reduce it by self-justification of their choice of unhealthy food.
The study is based on cognitive dissonance theory and students' evaluation of teachers and courses.
This research has examined teacher beliefs (Fang, 1996; Pajares, 1992), culturally proficient teacher beliefs and practices (Aronson & Laughter, 2015; Lopez, 2016), deficit beliefs in teachers and school leaders (Guerra & Nelson, 2009; Nelson & Guerra, 2014; Valencia, 2010), and awareness of cognitive dissonance as a mechanism for reducing resistance to diversity (McFalls & Cobb-Roberts, 2001).
Several authors have stated that this effect is based on a process of reducing cognitive dissonance (e.
Keywords: Cognitive dissonance, online world of mouth (eWOM), online negative world of mouth (eNWOM), culture differences, involvement
Cognitive dissonance occurs when the brain recognizes it's holding two conflicting beliefs.
The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of pre-existing schema and cognitive dissonance on consumers' intent to consume or purchase Gulf seafood after the DWH oil spill.
The purpose of this study is to extend this line of research by examining middle school students' perceptions of home-school dissonance and their association with academic cheating reports.
Leon Festinger, one of the great social psychologists in history, coined the term cognitive dissonance to describe the discomfort you feel if you say or do something that is inconsistent with one of your beliefs.
For instance, Vallacher (1992) considers that the understanding of the discrepant act (action identification) in the forced compliance paradigm (Festinger & Carlsmith, 1959) could affect both arousal and dissonance reduction processes.
Burnham wants us to hear Mozart as a romantic composer, one whose dissonances are the cherry on the top of the doughnut: "Thus we are not talking about dissonance for the sake of consonance, but dissonance for the sake of dissonance" (p.
Linking Emotional Dissonance and Service Climate to Well-Being at Work: A Cross-Level Analysis*
Connecting with others and experiences of dissonance are two factors identified as central to transformative learning in engaged teaching and research (Kiely, 2005).
The second is to describe the cognitive dissonance prevention programs targeting thin-ideal idealization that have been implemented in the West and their relative effectiveness; given cross-cultural similarities in the developing trajectory of the psychopathology of eating behaviours, there may be benefits to adapting these approaches in Asian cultures.