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Synonyms for dissonance



Synonyms for dissonance

Synonyms for dissonance

a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters

the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality

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This was deeply bothersome to many social scientists, who couldn't bear the dissonance of inconsistent studies.
Dissonance alone, however, is not enough to motivate change.
I have described the quality of Black-White relationships as one of interracial dissonance (Chandler, 2010), defined as feelings of physical, psychological, and social disconnect resulting in divergent ideas and intentions which serve to order the phenomenological properties that shape the perceptions and interactions of people in cross-racial situations.
In professional selling, understanding dissonance may help explain why some people go to great lengths to protect or defend the decisions they've made.
This person creates cognitive dissonance by centering on discussion (where he attempts to "help" you see the error of your ways) instead of dialogue (where both parties are willing to confer and concede on specific points).
In the first year, half of the team receives the cognitive dissonance intervention and the other half receives the healthy-weight intervention; in the second year, the groups switch.
It is in these moments, often described as cognitive dissonance (a term popularized in Leon Festinger's [1957] study of a doomsday cult's stubborn belief persistence), when a learner--any one of us--finds her- or himself grappling with new information in light of old understandings.
But as Adorno wrote, humans will be liberated not by reason, but by not "always-the-same" art, a language/music "praxis," as Bruce Andrews put it, that expresses meaningful dissonance.
Twenty six separate learning activities were identified as creating cognitive dissonance (conflict of values).
The first issue includes articles on learning in the digital era, designing and developing virtual worlds, childhood dissonance, and games and learning.
Cognitive dissonance occurs when there is a discrepancy between one's beliefs and one's behavior.
And finally, the concept of cognitive dissonance might actually reinforce my position.
In this package comprised of a facilitator's guide and 10 staple-bound participant workbooks, Stice (Oregon Research Institute) and Presnell (psychology, Southern Methodist University) outline a two-part group intervention program, based on cognitive dissonance theory, for adolescent and college-aged women at risk for developing eating disorders.
As part of Operation Dissonance, officers in Tipton have already executed several drug warrants in an effort to crack down on drug dealers and drug related crime.
As a positive driving force, cognitive dissonance causes us to think creatively to solve problems, however, it becomes negative when we rationalise bad situations and accept it as the way things are.