dissolving agent

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A seafarer would add a fish sample to a dissolving agent, then put drops of the mixture into coated wells on a test plate.
That the gold minerals are soluble in the dissolving agent.
and Translational Sciences today announced that Daiichi Sankyo will return all rights to develop and commercialize Translational Sciences investigational thrombus (blood clot) dissolving agent, TS23, after a successful Phase Ia clinical trial.
Wax dissolving agents are effective, but evidence is lacking regarding the superiority of any particular agent.
The larger medical centers, with a greater arsenal of specialists, advanced imaging technology and cutting-edge clot-dissolving therapies, can attack massive stroke by using angiography to apply dissolving agents directly to the clot.
All three products may be used to provide access to the small, remote and often tortuous vessels in the brain to enable the delivery of blood clot dissolving agents.