dissolution of marriage

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an annulment of a marriage

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But some provisions apply not only to attorney fees in dissolution of marriage proceedings but also to cases under the Parentage Act of 1984, see 750 ILCS 45/17, and to post-dissolution proceedings such as enforcement or modification actions respecting child custody, visitation, and support, as well as appeals.
The National Catholic Lay Organization, however, claimed that allowing divorce or the dissolution of marriages would violate the constitutional protection of marriage as an 'inviolable social institution.
Mason Black & Caballero PA is a Tampa-based law firm practicing exclusively in family law, including dissolution of marriage, custody, paternity, premarital and post-marital agreements, modification and enforcement actions, LGBT family issues, all tort actions arising out of the marriage, and the appeal of any of these actions.
4] This language begs the question, is the court implying that these tort claims are compulsory claims in a dissolution of marriage action?
With Alvarez as the principal author, House Bill 6595 which will legally acknowledge civil partnership in gay relationships, and HB 6027 granting new grounds for dissolution of marriage, have been referred to various committees for deliberation.
Pinaka-late na ang February,' Alvarez said in an interview with CNN Philippines when asked about the timeline on the dissolution of marriage bill.
He concentrates his practice in all areas of divorce, marital and family law, including dissolution of marriage, adoption, paternity, mediation, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.
Perhaps there are family law statutes that I have not found yet, but when I read Chapter 61's dissolution of marriage statutes, they appear to be gender neutral with regard to property, children, spousal support, and so on.
She tells you her former husband, who, as specified in their Illinois judgment of dissolution of marriage, had custody of their children and was living with them in Texas, has suddenly died.
On top of this, Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia noted that House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez had pledged to approve the bill providing for the dissolution of marriage by yearend.
Representing clients throughout Florida, the attorneys of Mason Black & Caballero PA practice exclusively in the area of marital and family law including dissolution of marriage, custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, support modification and the enforcement actions.
For more information on constructive service, see Notice of Action for Dissolution of Marriage (No Child or Financial Support), Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.
The court's decision was not entitled a judgment of dissolution of marriage, nor did it direct either party to prepare the judgment of dissolution.
Under the bill, if a party qualified for retirement before a dissolution of marriage was filed, clear and convincing evidence that a person had means to pay alimony would have been required for an award.
In 1993 the legislature amended section 504 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the maintenance statute, to add as an element to be considered in the award of maintenance "any impairment of the present and future earning capacity of the party seeking maintenance due to that party devoting time to domestic duties or having foregone or delayed education, training, employment, or career opportunities due to the marriage.