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Synonyms for dissolution

Synonyms for dissolution

excessive freedom; lack of restraint

Synonyms for dissolution

separation into component parts

the process of going into solution


Related Words

dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure

the termination of a meeting

the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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Mr Maroba said following dissolution of Parliament, IEC would now be waiting for issuance of election writ.
'Andudun 'yung problema,' he said, 'Mukhang madali sa karamihan sa amin, mas madali kung pag uusapan natin eh 'yung dissolution of marriage.
* SCC 2 with n.2 dissolution tanks to serve big capacity machines or a substantial number of dyeing machines.
"The dissolution has created an opportunity for Benchmark to take control of a land based salmon breeding facility belonging to the joint venture," Benchmark said in a statement.
As fenofibrate dissolves very slightly in water, the present study was undertaken to overcome the limitations existing in available fenofibrate products so as to improve the dissolution profile, absorption characteristics, and bioavailability and to reduce the dose required for administration to attain a desired effect.
Meanwhile, former CNRP deputy president Mu Sochua claimed on Facebook live on Saturday that the CNRP will be reactivated before the second anniversary of its dissolution, again citing international pressure.
The primary claim in the patent application is a device for evaluating drug dissolution, absorption and permeation, including a reservoir (for dissolution) with fluid bathing a permeability barrier composed of living human intestinal cells.
A groundbreaking, first-in-class technology, IDAS2 is a unique test system that enables the simultaneous evaluation of drug dissolution and absorption in various dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, and pre-formulations.
The party said the purported dissolution of its executives at the ward, local government and state levels was not only outrightly unlawful but also null and void.
In this research where H3BO3 was obtained, optimization of the dissolution of the original colemanite containing clay in SO2-saturated water was investigated using the "Taguchi Method".
Alvarez of the First District of Davao del Norte , principal author of the bill, urged the Senate to recognize the clamor of many Filipinos for the passage of marriage dissolution and divorce bill, and prioritize the approval of such legislation.
Suggestion regarding before the time dissolution of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) assemblies is also under consideration to cut the pathway of PMLN for Senate elections and gaining victory in general elections.
Therefore, it is essential to understand its fundamental physicochemical properties, predominantly the solubility of cadmium apatite and its dissolution mechanism.
Fracture dissolution, which can create massive pores, is a common mechanism for the formation of high-quality carbonate reservoirs.