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Synonyms for dissociate

dissociate yourself from something or someone


  • break away from
  • part company with
  • break off relations with
  • have nothing more to do with
  • sever connections with
  • end relations with

Synonyms for dissociate

to remove from association with

Synonyms for dissociate

to undergo a reversible or temporary breakdown of a molecule into simpler molecules or atoms

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Furthermore, until I am convinced that the testimonies from developed countries and world economic analysts that Nigeria has been placed on the track of development by the government of the day are mere jokes, there is no ground to dissociate myself from the millions of patriots who wish my country the best under the hands of the best patriots who have conscience and faith and believe in fate.
In the case of dissociative identity disorder, a person dissociates by switching between different parts of their personality or alter egos, so it can seem like they become a different person.
6) Under the revised act, a member of a Florida LLC can also dissociate voluntarily at any time, rightfully or wrongfully, by withdrawing as a member by express will.
Different acids have different pK values, depending on the acid's tendency to dissociate.
The JI chief said that in order to show their seriousness for ending corruption from the country the rulers would have to dissociate themselves from such elements in their party and the cabinet whose sole concern was to mint money.
If Lebanon really wants peace and stability to prevail in Syria, it should dissociate itself from the foreign interference in Syria's affairs," he said, calling upon the AL to bring Syria back so as to work with all the parties to find a peaceful solution.
They say that the reconciliatory president often tries to dissociate himself, and that the smiles of those huddled around the table do not succeed in concealing the daggers and their mutual stabs.
Through his petition, Gazi has sought directives from the court to President Zardari to dissociate himself from the political office of the Pakistan Peoples Party, in light of a decision given by a full bench of the court in May this year.
While they are happy to take bets outside the UK from the UK for horses running in the UK they seem to believe they can dissociate themselves with the rules that apply in the UK.
Ahmed Abasaeed, staff members of the Chemical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering of KSU, have reached a new method to dissociate Fructose from Glucose extracted from domestic dates by using ionic liquid.
9, Ms Bokova announced that the organisation would dissociate itself from any related events in Tehran.
The CNSolution Cyanide Analyzer from OI Analytical uses in-line UV digestion to dissociate metal-cyanide complexes and measure total cyanide in minutes by ASTM D 7511-09.
Summary: New York (United Nations) - Humanitarian organisations should clearly dissociate themselves from political aims, Morocco's Ambassador to the UN Mohamed Loulichki said on Thursday.
The decision to dissociate from TOPS was in connection with a disagreement with one of its partners, an affiliate of Oiltanking Holdings America, Inc.
Make a commitment to notice where you are four times a day, or catch yourself in the middle of a situation and see if you are associated or dissociated, (You have to sort of momentarily dissociate to notice if you are "in there" experiencing this moment