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Synonyms for dissimulate

to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

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hide (feelings) from other people

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On the other hand, his compulsive actions continued to be ritualistic, despite the patient's attempt to dissimulate this aspect.
His demonstration of the evasiveness of language in the novels and the way this reflects the efforts of the bourgeois to dissimulate their class power raises important issues.
No no, water everywhere wearing its drink breath, sods of healing while dissimulate, salt, fluids, tiny creatures, scales at the eyes, the limbs, the mouth.
He was apparently very smart, had a rich, bristling imagination, was generous even in poverty, learned to lie or dissimulate successfully, and possessed "a prodigious memory" (206), rarely forgetting a face or anything he had heard or read.
Unlike al-Bashir, some come to dissimulate by habit or by virtue of position in office.
32) Eschewing the title of "exemplary," Lope's novels no longer found it necessary to dissimulate from the Horatian delectare.
The provision related to the nullity brought by the death occurred before the time period of 30 days from the date of conclusion applies even if the parties knew about their disease and its severity, if from the terms of the contract and the circumstances one may not prove that the parties wanted to dissimulate a donation contract.
Never one to dissimulate, Tan confesses that she has loved every moment.
917/1511), the author of a fatwa allowing the Moriscos to dissimulate under duress, embraced a notion of jihad on the part of Spanish Muslims (p.
What we need to notice here is the silent displacement of Riviere's argument by Camhi's Lacanian logic in the formulation 'the feminine masquerade is a dissimulated lack': Riviere's patient does not use feminine masquerade to dissimulate a state of lack--on the contrary, she uses it to simulate a state of lack.
The European Union, in which some countries have arrangements considered favourable to those seeking to dissimulate funds, seems to be overcoming internal divisions and trying to catch up with the United States, even though Austria and Luxembourg still show some reticence.
The British government's strategy is the same in every case: deny, dissimulate, and delay.
He doesn't dissimulate or posture; he's flinty and frank as he takes us with him on forays through his own existential angst.
A In cases where this device is not convenient, if it be absolutely necessary to divide a word by breathing, the singer must then dissimulate the action with such art that the audience ignores it absolutely.
During numerous police interviews over the years, Benny has come to have an affinity for the police and, not only that, but has picked up skills peculiar to politicians: he can dissemble and dissimulate with the best of them.