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Synonyms for dissimilar

Synonyms for dissimilar

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Synonyms for dissimilar

not similar


not alike or similar


marked by dissimilarity

References in classic literature ?
There are even dissimilar views among the States as to the general principle of discharging the public debt.
These examples, which are nearly as dissimilar to each other as to a genuine republic, show the extreme inaccuracy with which the term has been used in political disquisitions.
The medium of exchange upon Mars is not dissimilar from our own except that the coins are oval.
She was dressed, like all the rest, in a dark stuff gown and a white collar; her features were dissimilar to any there, not so rounded, more defined, yet scarcely regular.
It was, let us remark in passing, a singular fate for the Church of Notre-Dame at that epoch to be so beloved, in two different degrees, and with so much devotion, by two beings so dissimilar as Claude and Quasimodo.
I remember being asked by two maiden ladies, about the time I left the university, what I was to be, and when I replied brazenly, 'An author,' they flung up their hands, and one exclaimed reproachfully, 'And you an M.A.!' My mother's views at first were not dissimilar; for long she took mine jestingly as something I would grow out of, and afterwards they hurt her so that I tried to give them up.
And not only did Borckman sense it, but it served as a spur to drive him back into primitive beastliness, and to fight to master this puppy as a primitive man, under dissimilar provocation, might have fought with the members of the first litter stolen from a wolf-den among the rocks.
Aunt Plenty was utterly dissimilar, being a stout, brisk old lady, with a sharp eye, a lively tongue, and a face like a winter-apple.
Comparex can identify precise differences between files of like or dissimilar content, structure or record length.
The meticulous detail of XBRL's structure is essential to ensuring the clarity and accuracy of information, in accordance with existing reporting standards, as it shuttles between the often dissimilar software applications companies, lenders, investors, auditors and regulators use.
The Shadow machine can, reportedly, run dissimilar parts in pairs, or run dissimilar colors/materials, producing a two-part ship set with each clamp cycle.
Its albums--particularly the early ones--were fastidiously crafted fabulous concoctions of savagely dissimilar styles juxtaposed, blended, preened, and primped to pimp a rock bouquet both bombastic and effeminate.
The religious aura of these imbalances or "dissimilar signs" (a debt to Ceard's model is clear) pulls the poet into a world that might be likened to what Christopher Bollas calls the "unthought known," a feeling of aesthetic and spiritual substance that, although beyond the language of whoever perceives or thinks of that relation, is fathomable to sensation and being.(2) Dissimilar signs are glimpsed in areas between the body, the environment, and an overriding sense of the inadequacy of language to name the physical and psychic apparatus of the world.
The problem for Ladbrokes was not dissimilar to my own with spread betting.
What Farkas is planning is for Insignia to "become the concierge" to all these people in a way that "is not dissimilar" to that developed by the New Jersey-based HFS - Henry Silverman's company - through its preferred vendor program.