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Synonyms for dissimilar

Synonyms for dissimilar

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Synonyms for dissimilar

not similar


not alike or similar


marked by dissimilarity

References in classic literature ?
Their thought- processes were radically dissimilar.
Even the inexcitable old doctor had felt the attraction which had already conquered three such dissimilar people as Alban Morris, Cecilia Wyvil, and Francine de Sor.
But, my dear aunt, the two most dissimilar nations on the face of the earth are the English and the French.
Aunt Plenty was utterly dissimilar, being a stout, brisk old lady, with a sharp eye, a lively tongue, and a face like a winter-apple.
Between these two apparently dissimilar motives there was a connection, not visible on the surface, which was now to assert itself.
For instance, Herbert asserts that a hybrid from Calceolaria integrifolia and plantaginea, species most widely dissimilar in general habit, 'reproduced itself as perfectly as if it had been a natural species from the mountains of Chile.
Reflect: is not the dreamer, sleeping or waking, one who likens dissimilar things, who puts the copy in the place of the real object?
for nearly similar variations sometimes arise under, as far as we can judge, dissimilar conditions; and on the other hand, dissimilar variations arise under conditions which appear to be nearly uniform.
Cannon's chief argument against James is, if I understand him rightly, that similar affections of the viscera may accompany dissimilar emotions, especially fear and rage.
A projection of the cliff had been cunningly employed to be the fireplace; and the smoke rising against the face of the rock, and being not dissimilar in colour, readily escaped notice from below.
And, marvellous fact, to lie and stare at: Johnny had become one of a little family, all in little quiet beds (except two playing dominoes in little arm-chairs at a little table on the hearth): and on all the little beds were little platforms whereon were to be seen dolls' houses, woolly dogs with mechanical barks in them not very dissimilar from the artificial voice pervading the bowels of the yellow bird, tin armies, Moorish tumblers, wooden tea things, and the riches of the earth.
Technip's personnel would be working with KOC staff, as per the contract, in a range of dissimilar services, covering project management, feasibility studies, front-end design, project controls, planning, procurement and construction management.
For those of racially dissimilar backgrounds from their colleagues, the study discovered some of the discomfort comes from discussions during these social events that often times highlight differences between the groups.
Results showed that a higher number of dissimilar types and certain types contributed to lower scores in child psychological adjustment.
Development of sound joints between dissimilar materials is a very important consideration for many emerging applications including the ship building, aerospace, transportation, power generation, chemical, nuclear and electronics industries [5].