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  • verb

Synonyms for dissever

to separate into parts with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument

to make a division into parts, sections, or branches

Synonyms for dissever

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He acquires a destructive freedom -- a dissevering from society and God.
But this is a very special kind of dishonesty--one that became particularly popular in the Clinton years when the media's tacit acceptance of the dissevering of rhetoric from action was confirmed with its failure to protest against the obvious humbug of Clinton's assurance that he could "feel your pain.
Writing is not simply the record of happening, or of dissevering, or of giving up one's place and privilege with living men, without being admitted among the dead.
Finally, Ferguson considers the effects of "poesie historical," a dichotomous genre and concept devised by Elizabethan intellectuals who, concerned both with dissevering fact and fiction in classical and British myth and with discerning their relative quanta therein, came to recognize the existence of an indeterminate area in historiography where probability, verisimilitude, and conjecture reign.
The only way is to find the root of evil, and so cure it "with backward mutters of dissevering Power" That is a difficult thing; for an obstinate Prejudice can seldom be produced but from a gordian complication of feelings, which must take time to unravell<ed> and care to keep unravelled.