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Synonyms for dissemination

Synonyms for dissemination

the passing out or spreading about of something

Synonyms for dissemination

the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate

the property of being diffused or dispersed


the act of dispersing or diffusing something

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The EDDI2 will start in May 2015 to provide technical assistance and training to national statistical systems in the 44 countries on national accounts and prices, monetary and financial statistics, government finance statistics, external sector statistics and data dissemination.
At least two panelists will have a background in health literacy, numeracy, or risk communication and at least two will have expertise in dissemination and implementation research.
Does the intelligent dissemination of information about competitors in company's vertical levels affect market performance?
Recommendation: To strengthen NASA's efforts to better inform its researchers and ensure that the policies guiding researchers and public affairs officials in their efforts to disseminate research results to other scientists and the public are well understood, the NASA Administrator should direct officials responsible for dissemination of research results through all routes to include in their efforts to inform researchers a focus on the processes researchers are to follow when they wish to appeal decisions.
Farhat Omer Bengdara, Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, noted: "Libya is committed to use the IMF's General Data Dissemination System as a general framework to continue developing the national statistical system consistent with best international practices.
The agreement allows A to concentrate on the core educational component of the journal and other publication, while leaving P to conduct the more mechanical aspects of publication and dissemination.
A major factor advancing the acceptance of electronic dissemination is the possibility of hyperlinking texts in an article to works cited in the same article, a quantum leap forward from the traditional reference lists of printed articles, though the transition to clickable links is still troubled with social, commercial and legal difficulties, not to mention the conceptual one of relevance.
The eventual expanded role of EHP as a vehicle for the dissemination of authoritative information for both health professionals and the lay public was foreseen in an editorial accompanying the second issue.
Obviously, dissemination represents the heart of information sharing.
Onsite laboratory confirmation with field detection kits, rapid implementation of respiratory illness control protocols, and a mass vaccination campaign were applied to limit disease dissemination.
How does your agency cope with such large volumes of data, and what dissemination methods do you use to ferret out what's important?
In late September, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a Proposed Rule to establish a voluntary program for eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) dissemination of supplementary financial information, beginning with 2004 calendar year-end reporting.
for inspired leadership in improving process development, dissemination of information to the industry, and constant promotion of education to the next generation of metalcasters.
Youth are being engaged in the production and dissemination of a video intended to prevent youth from engaging in criminal activities by focusing on the consequences of crime.
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