miliary tuberculosis

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acute tuberculosis characterized by the appearance of tiny tubercles on one or more organs of the body (presumably resulting from tubercle bacilli being spread in the bloodstream)

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Disseminated tuberculosis associated with ruxolitinib.
We performed a retrospective case record study to describe clinical and pathological characteristics, as well as treatment outcomes of HIV-infected patients with disseminated tuberculosis from the Regional HIV/AIDS Center Constanta, Romania, and to determine associated risk factors.
Based on these examinations, the patient was considered to have disseminated tuberculosis (testicular tuberculosis, miliary tuberculosis, tuberculosis meningitis, spinal granuloma, and Pott's disease).
The cause of death in one of the two persons suffering from IRIS was the compression of trachea by enlarged cervical lymph nodes, while the other died due to disseminated tuberculosis leading to multi-organ failure.
Abdominal ultrasound findings of disseminated tuberculosis in AIDS.
In disseminated tuberculosis, foci of specific lesions (granulomas) comprised large central zones of caseous necrosis surrounded by a few inflammatory cells.
She was HIV positive and 3 months earlier had been diagnosed as having disseminated tuberculosis based on general debility, an elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), and a chest X-ray showing a miliary infiltrate.
A clinical diagnosis of disseminated tuberculosis was considered.
Extra pulmonary and disseminated tuberculosis in HIV-1-seropositive patients presenting to the acute medical services in Nairobi.
The sensitivity of the PPD test varies, however, from 96% in the general population,(3) to 59% in the population infected with HIV,(4) to only 50% in critically ill patients with disseminated tuberculosis.
Autopsies revealed, however, that she suffered from widely disseminated tuberculosis.
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