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a display of insincere behavior

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profoundly self-destructive" (Jones & Shorter-Gooden, 7, 64) much like strategic dissemblance can morph to psychological dissemblance.
The menial labor and vernacular speech of the "negro with a broom" figure him as harmless and insignificant, yet his cautious and measured response also signifies his deliberate self-restraint and even dissemblance.
Rape and the Inner Lives of Black Women in the Middle West: Preliminary Thoughts on the Culture of Dissemblance.
But also the nineteenth century black women's club movement, consisting of mostly middle class elites, played a significant role in this dissemblance.
i) either (a) the investigation is of a violation of civil rights or intellectual property rights and the lawyer believes in good faith that such violation is taking place or will take place imminently or (b) the dissemblance is expressly authorized by law; and (ii) the evidence sought is not reasonably available through other lawful means; and (iii) the lawyer's conduct and the investigators' conduct that the lawyer is supervising do not otherwise violate the Code (including, but not limited to .
Addressing whether a non-government lawyer can employ the services of an investigator who uses dissemblance as an evidence-gathering technique, the New York County Lawyers' Association formulated a rule to provide more guidance on the issue.
Elles generent aussi de la dissimilitude, mais toute dissemblance ne s'aligne pas sur la seule distribution de la richesse, ni sur l'un de ses plus importants corollaires, la profession.
They were too caught up in webs of pretence, dissemblance and deceit.
Yet, in the lasting aftermath of slavery's terror, dissemblance, repression, and running seemed a fair trade for the consolation of safety and protection.
He would even feel somewhat humiliated, for that look of noble and forbearing self confidence, which for some time now he had been obsessively cultivating and displaying (especially with his pipe between his teeth)--this guise of his would be exposed as nothing but common baseness and dissemblance.
35) Georges Didi-Huberman, Fra Angelico: Dissemblance and Figuration, trans.
It engages with language and its meaning within the structure of the telling--including a bit of mystery and dissemblance through the use of letters and fragmented stories--but it does not ever condense language, entering its non-linguistic meaning through its metaphor and music.
Les resultats ont revele une forte dissemblance entre les representations des protagonistes masculins (figure 1) et feminins (figure 2).
Also noteworthy is Jones' penchant for manipulation and dissemblance, qualities for which persons who have mania are renown.