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Synonyms for dissatisfaction

Synonyms for dissatisfaction

unhappiness caused by the failure of one's hopes, desires, or expectations

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Investigating the maturation in adolescents becomes important, since early maturation may trigger other factors that contribute towards the development of body dissatisfaction in adulthood, such as anxiety symptoms and erratic eating (ZEHR et al.
Body image dissatisfaction was analyzed based on the discordance between the current and ideal silhouette and the subjects were classified as satisfied and dissatisfied.
As the gap between the size and shape of the average American women and society's ideal grows, body dissatisfaction increases as well (Strahan et al.
Dissatisfaction is identified in the accounts provided by children as young as eight years old, and reasons for this dissatisfaction are discussed.
Hypothesis 1: Body dissatisfaction will significantly predict restrained eating.
Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with immigration among Republicans and Republican leaners rose sharply from 72% in 2014 to its peak of 86% in 2016.
Body Image: Understanding Body Dissatisfaction in Men, Women and Children, 3rd Edition
Researchers have documented a marked increase in body image dissatisfaction over recent times for Western women and men of all ages, which is a concerning public health issue given links between body image problems and psychological problems including low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression (Hay, Mond, Buttner, & Darby, 2008; Jackson et al.
Whereas the role of body dissatisfaction as a risk factor in the development of eating disorder behaviors has been well established, a recent longitudinal investigation illustrated that an additional role is played by depressive symptoms.
KARACHI -- Sindh High Court (SHC) has expressed dissatisfaction over police steps for recovery of 5 missing persons and issued notices to DG Rangers Sindh and IG Sindh for March 7.
PUBLIC dissatisfaction with the NHS is rising, according to new data.
This study aimed to analyze the effects of age, family income, body mass index, and dance practice on levels of body dissatisfaction and self-esteem in female students.
Another study, which is also being presented at the European Congress on Obesity this week, found children as young as six are suffering dissatisfaction with their bodies.