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Synonyms for diss

treat, mention, or speak to rudely

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Swift also heard about the alleged diss, but she didn't find it even mildly insulting.
The primary aim is to trial the roof turbines at Diss for their environmental benefits," said a spokesman for consultants Development Planning Partnership.
DC Diss is in charge of the Genette file, which fills a 12ft by 10ft weatherproof document cage.
The Clique: Diss and Make Up, developed by Gorilla Systems, allows fans to play as a new student in school attempting to make friends and increase their popularity in an effort to join the ultimate clique, the Pretty Committee.
If you hear a diss enough times, you'll actually start to believe it (even though it's false).
The February issue "Most Love-Starved Skaters" fall-out continues: vert veteran Justin "J Ly" Lynch didn't take the documented diss laying down, and wrote a manifesto stating his case.
Philip Diss and Robert Cornish,both 54, were serving officers when they allegedly disclosed information from the force computer database.
Diss - with assets valued at around pounds 560,000 - has been trading since 1973.
But the response from the 6,500 people living in the Norfolk market town of Diss was disappointing - to say the least.
Philip Govier, 17, was badly hurt when he collided with a team-mate while running for a catch during a game at Diss, Norfolk, on Saturday.
It's stock is traded on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market under the symbol DISS.
Many websites are of the opinion that Kaley has chosen to take things lightly and diss the hacker by her act.
The celebrity news website suggests that the part where the diss is hidden goes like this: "My ex man brought his new girlfriend/ She's like 'oh my gosh' i'm just gonna shake.
He was flown to hospital after the accident at Diss, Norfolk, and later transferred to a specialist head injuries unit.