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  • verb

Synonyms for disrobe



  • undress
  • strip
  • take off your clothes
  • remove your clothes
  • shed your clothes
  • bare yourself
  • divest yourself of your clothes
  • unclothe yourself
  • uncover yourself

Synonyms for disrobe

to remove all the clothing from

Synonyms for disrobe

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Each night we arrive at the moment where Dionysus says "Evohe," the signal for us to disrobe.
Because the building was being used as a staging area for the police and other security types protecting the campus from those who might disrobe, burn draft cards and sing diatribes against authority.
The Inlet': The inlet wore the stratus cloud/Like a gossamer silken gown,/When the sudden dip of/Oar disrobe it nude.
That he is a showman is indisputable ( although his apparent need to disrobe in front of any audience is disconcerting ( but his on-stage arrogance and offbeat live vocal cannot fail to bring you down on one side or the other.
Charles, who was born in Rednal, Birmingham, had to disrobe for his new part in forthcoming film Starter For Ten.
film, but our Mr Morrissey had to disrobe to help her do this.
This summer, Japanese businessmen have been asked to disrobe.
Of course, when his patients moved on to other practices many of them were shocked when their new physicians asked them to disrobe and put on a gown.
Kyla has made it back to her trailer to disrobe and is now ready to hit the mall.
Schools in Michigan and Virginia have also forced students to disrobe after money was stolen.
The women were inspired to disrobe in order to raise funds for medical research, following the terminal illness of the husband of one of the women.
Three guards and two teachers looking to give the kids a taste of the bad things that would happen to them if they ever run afoul of the law made the students completely disrobe in an area that may have been viewable by some of the inmates.
The detainee was taken to a bathroom and observed by a female officer, who instructed the detainee to disrobe but did not conduct a body cavity search.
In Thai Buddhism there is a tradition that if a monk feels he no longer is fit to live a monastic life for any reason, he can disrobe and become an ordinary man.
Ecdysiasm, 1992, describes the impulse to disrobe in public, using overlapping images of aberrant enlarged labia and phalliform clitorises.